Best Home Delivery Apps in Dubai : Our Picks

One of the perks of living in Dubai is its convenience and comfort – and a big part of that is the many home delivery apps available to residents, as well as tourists.

Having lived here for over a decade, we have found a handful of websites and apps that we often use for our day to day – be it groceries, electronics, clothes, shoes – basically anything and everything is deliverable in Dubai. Even petrol. It’s crazy, isn’t it.

Here’s a list of the ones that we use. Hope this will make your life in Dubai, a lot easier!


Well, Amazon is no new name to anyone. We use Amazon for – everything possible. The occasional ‘dry’ groceries that we can’t be bothered getting from the store ie washing powder, shampoo, toothpaste, to random groceries like cornflakes and coffee. They also sell electronics, clothes, beauty products, and lots lots more.

Tip : Amazon is great for toys and birthday decoration! Get your balloon packs from here!

Shop at


Noon is another one similar to Amazon. It has mobiles, beauty products, appliances as well as fashion. We occasionally use Noon – to compare prices between the two. Sometimes Noon has products that Amazon, doesn’t, and vice versa.

Bonus – use code : JKER for cashback when you shop there!

Shop at


A family favourite for all our groceries – plus they come in awesome boxes which every family have used to store their old clothes and toys, and even when they are moving homes, haha! Their prices are fairly reasonable, and they often have discounts.

Tip : Get your flowers from there – they are so much cheaper than the flower stores!

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This one is popular amongst the chinese community in Dubai, or anyone who love having some chinese groceries! We get all our chinese vegetables from Wemart – they have their own farm, which is fabulous. Choy sum, Bak Choy, you name it – they got it. Need some frozen dumplings to add to your noodles? What about your Lee Kum Kee soy sauces? All from Wemart – delivered to the door.

Get the Wemart app.

Organic Foods & Cafe

A popular one with families as they provide healthy alternatives, we also shop from Organics Food & Cafe. They do fresh organic and biodynamic foods, groceries, supplements, meat, dairy products, breads and household cleaning products.

Tip : We get our pork from here, as it is actually cheaper than most stores! Use LILONE15 for extra 15% off!

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If you want to plan in advance for Halloween and that birthday party that is happening two months later for your child – get the goodies from AliExpress. It’s much cheaper than getting it in the shops, and sometimes….. cheaper than Amazon as well. You just have to plan ina dvance when it comes to shopping at AliExpress.

Shop at below.


Flowwow is great for gifts – flowers, cakes and potted plants (big and small!). They also sell make up and perfume, food and drinks as well as home accessories.

Tip : Use WELCOME15 for 15% off your order!

Shop at

When it comes to clothing – nearly every store have their own online store. Here are a few, to recommend :

Products for Mums, Kids & Babies

Two very popular online store for all things you need for babies, and little kids – Firstcry and Mumzworld. Sometimes you can order in the morning and it gets delivered by the afternoon – I don’t know how they do it! Nappies, clothes, shoes, baby gear, they have it all.

Other Clothing Stores

These brands don’t need more intro. Shop away!

For all other discount codes – have a browse through here.

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