A Very Luxurious High Tea @ Atmosphere Lounge, Burj Khalifa Dubai

Afternoon Tea at the Burj Khalifa has always been a bucket list item for me. Up there it is appropriately called High Tea – currentlyAug2021 the second highest lounge you could have afternoon tea at, after The Lounge on Level 153. Well, we have yet to check out The Lounge, so let’s settle with Level 122nd of the Burj Khalifa shall we? 🙂

Let’s get on with the review. How was the experience?

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Where exactly is Atmosphere Lounge?

Pop over to have a read through the introduction in my breakfast review, which gives a brief overview of where and how to get to Atmosphere Lounge. It is basically on the 122nd level of the Burj and you access it from the Armani Hotel entrance.

Is there a dress code in Atmosphere Lounge?

Of course there is.

So if your husband decides to rock up in shorts and t-shirts, not to worry – Atmosphere has an entire cupboard of clothing that he can borrow to wear, ha ha. It is pretty embarrassing, but hey – better than having to drive all the way home, right?

The pants might also be a bit too big or too small but he’ll have to make it work. If he doesn’t want to wear someone elses clothes, make sure you check the Atmosphere website to ensure you both follow the dress code guidelines 😉

2023 Update – Atmosphere’s previous website used to outline exactly what people can and cannot wear. Shorts was a bit no-no. The current website only mentions ‘Smart & Elegant’. I suggest you give them a call to understand what is allowed.

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What time is Atmosphere’s high tea served?

Between 12:00 – 4:00pm.

Could we bring our kids along to Atmosphere? Is there a kids area?

Minimum age in Atmosphere Lounge is 5 years old between 12:00 – 5:00pm so yes, you can bring them along. And no, of course there is no kids area, what do you think this place is? Baker’s Kitchen?

It is a very nice lounge, and when we were there on a Thursday (note : Public holiday) – there were no kids there. If your little ones are fairly well-behaved, I would say bring them along – and tell them to be in their best behaviour 😉 If you have younger ones – you could take them to Atmosphere – for breakfast.

So, what do we get from this Luxurious High Tea Menu?

It felt more like a 4-course lunch, with an Afternoon Tea Set slotted in between. You start off with the Amuse Bouche, two little cones of mince chicken -which was served in a Burj stand, presented with the very dramatic dry ice effect. Soooo cheesy but we love it 😉

Next was ‘Declinations’ – the chef’s ‘finest finger sandwiches’. It is 6 pieces of beautifully prepared sandwiches – so pretty you could hang it on the wall as a little piece of art. There’s salmon, there’s egg, there’s cucumber – all the usual ingredients found in sandwiches used in afternoon tea sets. And you know, from the taste – that they have prepared it freshly for you.

You have two choices for the main course and we decided to try one each on the day – the chicken ballotine as well as the ‘catch of the day’ – turbot it was. As with the declinations – the mains were again very carefully prepared and presented – and look, it actually tasted really good as well. You definitely felt like it was fine dining ‘in the sky’.

And of course – the Afternoon Tea Set itself …..

Beautiful pastries, cakes and scones – with gold-flakes wherever possible – haha. Dubai-style, right? Credits to Chef Eka Mochamad and the team for preparing the spread for us on the day 🙂

Overall thoughts

If you have never been to Atmosphere Lounge then the Luxurious Menu High Tea is definitely one to do for a special occasion with a special someone – taking into consideration that it is priced at 503 AED for the window table. Note, a bottle of Sparkling Wine is included and you do get unlimited Tea and Coffee as well.

The theatrics is cheesy but we love it – the dry ice, the champagne pouring up high, the violinist coming to you at the table. It is definitely an entire experience than just popping in to have some cake and scones 😉

If you don’t want to take out a loan, you could opt for the La Gourmandizes High Tea Set – this is priced at 328 AED per person and guess what? It is currently in the Entertainer. Bargain, right? Only catch is that this is applicable to the non-window tables only…… but if you’re lucky and the window tables are not fully booked when you are there, you could always smile, and ask? 🤗

If you would like to go to At the Top on Level 124 and 125 in the Burj Khalifa instead, book tickets here.

  • Atmosphere Lounge
  • Level 123, Burj Khalifa
  • Website
  • Atmosphere’s High Tea Menu Updated 2023
  • Cost*2:
    1. Reviewed above – Luxurious Menu – 503 AED per person (window table), 430 AED per person (non-window table)
    2. La Gourmandizes High Tea Set – 328 AED per person. 241 with the Entertainer. Non-window table

Disclaimer :

  1. We were guests of Atmosphere Lounge to review the Luxurious High Tea Menu.
  2. This review was done in August 2021. Please check with Atmosphere current details and pricing.

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  1. Am I misreading your link to the lounge on 154? It says they do have tea in the clouds there. Trying to figure out where to go!

    1. Hey Justin! Yeah I saw that too, but don’t think it’s specifically a “High Tea” set like the one served in Atmosphere Lounge (i.e with the 3-tiers).

      Personally haven’t been to The Lounge so can’t comment on which one is “better”. At that height the view would be more or less the same, guess it all depends on your budget as well 🙂

      Let me know what you decide!

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