Breakfast @ Atmosphere Lounge, Burj Khalifa Dubai

We have always wanted to bring the little ones to the Burj. Having always done Atmosphere Lounge over sunset when we had family and guests over, we had the impression that kids were not allowed up to Level 123 of the Burj Khalifa. I checked, and realised hey – you could bring under 5 year olds for breakfast. Plus, they eat for free. Not bad huh?

So, here’s a little rundown of breakfast at the highest lounge in the world –

Where is this Atmosphere?

It’s situated on Level 122 of the Burj Khalifa. On one side, it’s Atmosphere Lounge, the other – Atmosphere Restaurant.

How do I get there?

You drive to the entrance of Armani Hotel at the Burj Khalifa, and then the staff will guide you. Basically, you take the lift down to Concourse level, and from there you take the lift up to Level 123.

From there on, you descend down the beautiful staircase to Atmosphere after taking the customary 101 photos.

Confused, much? 😉

Did you say we can bring the little ones?


So, there’s a lot of fine print with this depending on the age of your child which I would suggest you refer to their website here.

To make it simple – if you have kids under 5 years old, you would like to take them up the Burj Khalifa – have a nice cup of coffee, maybe some food – the most cost-effective way to do this is to :

  1. Take them for a “Morning Coffee at the Clouds” at Atmosphere Lounge – 100 AED minimum spend per adult, no minimum spend for kids up to 12 years old (Note : a Latte is 44 AED ), or
  2. Take them for breakfast at Atmosphere Restaurant – 200 AED minimum spend per adult. If the restaurant is full, they will seat you at the Lounge.

So, what do we get from this ‘Decadence Menu’ ?

You will be served a 3-tier stand of cold cuts, pastries (mini croissants, chocolate danishes), cheese, olives and fruit.

Then you’ll get to choose one selection out of 3 from the main menu – eggs your style, a vegan option (sorry, didn’t try this one), and truffle crepes. It is of course all very well presented, and hey – no complaints when you have eggs served with thinly sliced truffles hmm?

All throughout the morning you can order as many cups of tea, coffee, juices and water as you like. And then you end the morning with a choice of sweets – french toast, crepes stack (loved this!), for the healthy ones – coconut chia.

Were there other kids?


We were so relieved when we got there that there were quite a few families with young children like us.

We were sat in the lounge instead of the restaurant as it was fully booked over there. Quite happy with the area we were given as it was at the corner near the couches, and there was only two other families there.

Is the place pram-accessible? What about changing rooms?

To get from Level 123 to Level 122 (and vice versa), the main access is the stairs. You may ask the staff to guide you to their back-of-house service lift to get down to Level 122 if you brought the pram along with you.

They do not have changing tables in the very beautiful bathroom, so I would highly suggest you get the babies changed before you head up there or tell them to do their stuff before you go, haha. Otherwise, if you are quite unlucky like us this morning, speak to the staff and they can lead you to a quiet area for you to change the little ones.

Things that could be better?

It was full house this morning, so service was quite slow. Would suggest if possible for more staff to be made available for busy times like these, to keep guests happy.

Overall thoughts?

It was really quite nice to sit in Atmosphere Lounge with the family over breakfast.

Pick a clear day and you can see most of Dubai – from the World Islands, to Burj Al Arab, to the Marina afar. It’s a luxurious albeit expensive way to show the little ones Dubai from a comfortable setting where you may have a few cups of coffee and tea, fill your tummies and theirs, and take a lot of nice photos. Of course it’s comes with a price tag – you are dining in the tallest building in the world – so save it for a special occasion. If you just want to pop up there for an early morning coffee, you can too – for 100 AED minimum spend per person 😉

And, if you’re feeling a little rich – try their signature Kopi Luwak Gold Cappuccino (160 AED) – it’s one of those out of this world coffees with 24-karat gold flakes 😉

  • Atmosphere Lounge or Atmosphere Restaurant
  • Breakfast Menu
  • Deal : 375 AED per person for the Breakfast Decadence Menu. 241 with the Entertainer, however minimum spend per person is 200 AED so it works out to be 400 AED for the two of you, and kids under 5 is free – Click here to check on Atmosphere website.

Disclaimer : We were guests of Atmosphere to review the breakfast menu with the family.

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