About This Blog

Lil One Of The Ashes is a licensed Family Leisure Guide covering restaurants, hotels and experiences within the UAE and beyond.

We write for families in mind – where to eat, swim and playwith, or without the little ones in tow – scattered with tips on how to enjoy the luxuries that Dubai has to offer without breaking your wallet.

As parents – we know that it is a big task to actually bring the family out. Therefore, we believe in the motto ” Know before you go. ” We write with the aim to explain to you what to expect when you actually go to a venue. Things that parents think about – where do we park? How much does it cost? Are there any deals? Should we bring the kids? Is there a kids play area?

Please note that where reviews have been done as part of an invitation or is sponsored, we would clearly state it as so. 

It is also a way for us to thank the people who work long hard hours to make your meal more enjoyable, your spa experience special, your hotel stay memorable.

Salute, to all in the hospitality industry.

About Me

Originally from the home of the orang utans (where the world’s best food is found), having spent the latter part of my life in the land down under, we moved to Dubai back in 2012.

We both love chinese and japanese food, and our social life is planned generally around deals, though we do allow for the occasional splurge. I love looking for new deals, organising get-togethers and events, and writing about the experience. Note that I do not work in the hospitality or journalism sector so please excuse my english if it’s not up to par.

We also have 3 little ones, so my write-ups since 2016 is based on us exploring the UAE and abroad through the eyes of parents, with occasional rants of mommyhood 🙂


Venue Coverage

Written coverage of your venue (restaurants, hotels, and attractions) on the website that is high in Google ranking.

Dedicated Family Leisure Consultant

If you are planning a trip to Dubai, and you need someone to recommend restaurants, hotels, activities – we can be available to you to liaise continuously before and throughout your trip here. We can also assist in making reservations.

We can be your ‘Dedicated Family Leisure Consultant’

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Content Writing

I am available for content-writing for your own publication.