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As a long-time Dubai Marina resident and parent of 3, we have an in-depth, first-hand experience and understanding of restaurants and hotels in the area. If you are launching a new F&B offer, or would like improvements for your hotel specifically for the Dubai Marina end of town, and need insights on what parents are looking for, and what will work for your brand, speak to us.

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Event Matchmaker

If you are planning an event in a hotel – for 100 pax or more, and you are struggling to find a venue that is available or suitable, please get in touch. We will match you with a suitable venue.

Coverage on Dubai Family Leisure Guide : by Lil One Of The Ashes

Would you like coverage on the Dubai Family Leisure Guide?

Here’s why you should work with us :

Do you want to be found on Google?
Are you looking for a long-term support, for your brand?

  • Valuable and Reliable content
    • Quality content that will be valuable for you in the long-run.
    • Content on the website, is high in Google/SEO ranking.
  • Honest feedback
    • If requested – we can provide honest, constructive feedback.
    • Note that this is invaluable to you as a business.
  • Sincere recommendations
    • Locally – We are very active in various local communities as well as Travel Forums.
    • Internationally – A lot of tourists who are planning a holiday in Dubai get in touch with us to ask for recommendations.
    • This means that your investment in us, is a long-term one.
    • On the other hand, please note that if it wasn’t all that great, we wouldn’t be recommending it, and will inform you as well.
  • Bring people in
    • We continuously organise gatherings for friends and family. If the venue is something we really like, we will happily come back and bring people in.


We are also available for content-writing for your own publication.

Sponsored Posts

If there is content that you would like to publish on Dubai Family Leisure Guide, please let us know.

On Social Media

We have never bought followers, nor are we in any blogger support groups. Do not be disheartened if you don’t see 100 messages under a post or reel. Likes and messages are not necessarily a true count of the people who will actually go to your venue. Not everyone actively responds to social media posts, especially when they have a private account.

Sometimes, word of mouth is of more value than what you can see on social media – that’s where the local online Facebook communities, Travel Forums, and whatsapp groups come into play. And that’s when the true magic happens.


Our blog readers are predominantly from the UAE (70%), followed by the UK, US, Europe, then Asia. My main traffic (80%) comes from Organic Google Search (Source : Google Analytics).

Currently, our instagram followers are mainly parents from the UAE.

If you would like up-to-date stats, we can send this to you.

Interested for us to support your business?  Get in touch.

Families with young children

If you are planning a trip to Dubai and need advice on :

  • which hotel is the best spot for you and your family ;
  • where to go ; and
  • where to eat

We can be available to liaise with you continuously before and throughout your trip. We understand that travelling with kids can often times be difficult and things don’t go to plan. We are here to guide you and be your dedicated ‘Family Leisure Consultant‘.

Book our dedicated leisure consultancy services.

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    Hope you are doing well.

    Take a glimpse at the golden age of Egyptian cinema, and enjoy an oriental dinner in an urban outdoor destination.
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    Looking forward to seeing you there.
    Please RSVP for 3rd of March.

  2. Yay I met you today! Funny thing is, I had already been on your blog before and I wondered who could be running this. Finally got to see the pretty face behind this site! 🙂

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    Good Afternoon!

    We would like to buy one couple watches (Men & Women) for their Wedding Anniversary. Please arrange to share the model pictures and prices for the classic models, not luxury ones. We are planning to reach UAE on 14th December 2022. It will be great if you can arrange to send all details by email or WhatsApp on +91 9969006995.

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