A Sky High Iftar @ Atmosphere Lounge, Burj Khalifa Dubai

It has been a long time since we sat in Atmosphere Lounge in the Burj Khalifa at sunset for dinner and drinks. The folks are finally here, and we took them up one evening together with us to review their Ramadan menu.

How is Atmosphere Lounge, at sunset?

Back to basics. Where is Atmosphere Lounge?

Have a read through my introduction in the breakfast review, which explains where, and how to get there. In short, it’s situated on the 122nd level of the Burj Khalifa, and you get there by first entering the Armani Hotel hotel lobby entrance.

Is sunset the best time to go to Atmosphere Lounge?

Pre-kids, we used to advise all visiting guests to go there during sunset as you get to see Dubai at the best time of the day – just when the sun is going down. Now this is of course subjective – some may prefer the morning, some prefer afternoon tea.

We got there at 6pm, when the sun was lowvisited, April 2022.

You get to see Dubai from the top, and watch the sun slowly descend beneath the horizon. Then Dubai lights up – it is a beautiful sight.

What about kids? Can we bring kids to Atmosphere Lounge at sunset?

Unfortunately, and understandably – no.

According to their website here, it’s strictly 21+ in Atmosphere Lounge from 5:30pm (to 2am).

Now, you can bring kids to Atmosphere Lounge at other times of the day. If you have little ones who are under 6 years old, I recommend you take them to breakfast – have a read of my breakfast review here.

Let’s talk about the food.

What do you get?

We were there to specifically check out the Ramadan Iftar Menu – which is available only during……*drumroll*…… Ramadan.

To mention though – a lot of items are also available in their ala carte menu, which you can order throughout the year.

The starters came all at once – filling up the entire table ๐Ÿ˜‰ Blueberry hummus, fattoush with pomegranate caviar, baba ganoush muhammara, blue cheese mezze, spinach and duck kibbeh. For soups – of course, the traditional lentil soup, as well as onion soup.

For mains, you can choose between the Seafood Sizzler or Mixed Grill Platter. As there was four of us, we asked to have both to share – so we could try a bit of everything. Both came on platters – impressive for sure ๐Ÿ˜‰ Proper fresh big tiger prawns, grilled salmon and sea bass. The steak was juicy, a bit on the fattier side but suited us fine. There were enough for all of us – and more, which the team very kindly packed away on our request.

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What about desserts?

We were pretty stuffed by then, but wanted to have little nibble of the sweet stuff. There was passion fruit cheese cake with chamomile meringue, the classic Umm Ali and another, which I cannot remember what it’s called (forgive me!).

Have a look at the Ramadan menu here. 

What was the crowd like in the evening?

When we got there at 6pm, the lounge was packed. Large groups of what looked like people going there for afterwork drinks, and a few couples here and there.

For those wondering – Atmosphere Lounge does have a smoking and non-smoking section.

Overall Thoughts

For 575 AED per person, Iftar at Atmosphere Lounge is a fairly expensive affair. It’s one of those ‘bucket list’ things to do, being at the top of the Burj Khalifa – so it is priced to take that into consideration. Do it if it’s something you’ve always wanted to try, and if you are not here over the Ramadan period – have a look through the Lounge’s Ala Carte Dinner menu to see if that suits ๐Ÿ˜‰

Take note there is a minimum spend at Atmosphere Lounge during dinner – 250 AED per person for a non-window table, and 350 AED per person for a window table ๐Ÿ˜‰ Enjoy, and drop me a message if you do go.

If you would like to go to At the Top on Level 124 and 125 in the Burj Khalifa instead, book ticketsย here.

Disclaimer : We were guests of Atmosphere Lounge to review the Ramadan Dinner Menu

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