Summer Family Staycation @ Palazzo Versace Dubai

A belated write-up of a memorable staycation that we had in Palazzo Versace one summer. We still talk about it every now and then. The level of detail that the Versace family have put into all the interior design is impressive. We took so many family photos in the lounge of our suite, my mum has an album of it back home. Unfortunately those won’t make it on the blog, but we do have tons of other photos to share 🙂

So, is the hotel somewhere you would bring the family over, if you have kids? Does it live up to the Versace name? Would I recommend it to friends and family? 

Here are our thoughts :

The Room

If you would like to splurge, book in your family to the Grand Suite with a Creek View. Possibly the grandest suite we have stayed in to date. There’s space for the baby cot adjacent to our king size bed (check out the kid-sized robe hanging off the cot!).

The duvet, every piece of furniture and appliance in the room (and hotel) has Versace’s trademark stamp on it. You could spend all the time just going through the room and admiring the detail. It’s beautiful. 

Let’s backtrack a bit and head to the lounge.

You will walk into this :

That’s my dad having a peek at the view. And if you have additional family joining in with the staycation they can arrange for a spare bed to be placed in the living room area.

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I’ll let the photos speak for itself for the rest of the suite.

Brunch & Breakfast at Giardino 

We spent the afternoon having brunch at Giardino with the family.

This is the second time that we’ve been here – have a read through the full review of the brunch. I could not find fault the second time round, and I’ll give them credit for maintaining their standards.

If we lived a bit closer to the Palazzo, I would definitely head over for breakfast in the weekends. It’s priced at AED160 per person, and you can use the Entertainer 241 for it. Admittedly on the higher end of hotel breakfasts (somewhere in between Westin/Anantara’s, and the Madinat Jumeirah’s).

Afternoon Tea at Mosaico Lounge

The spread itself, we thought was average. The place  (just like everywhere else in the resort) was an artwork by itself. Picture a sprawling 1000 square feet mosaic floor, with yes – you guessed it – Versace’s designer patterns. I’ll be honest though – we must have had been too full from breakfast to fully appreciate the afternoon tea, so I’ll definitely be keen to return when I’m a bit hungrier and see what they have to offer.

Overall Thoughts

In comparison with a lot of resorts in Dubai, Palazzo I would say is quite unique. It is an experience by itself just to stay there, simply to be in room as well as hotel that is entirely designed by Versace.

Their Grand Suite with a Creek View is spacious, and definitely sufficient for us – 2 adults and a toddler, as well as a spare bed that was provided for my mum. If you don’t need access to a beach and is happy to have pools to keep the little ones cool, as well as a lot of really good restaurants within the premises (drop by Q’s Bar and Lounge for some jazz) , I would recommend you do one night in the Palazzo.

PS – Ask them if you could have a tour of their Imperial Suite while you are there. It is out of this world 🙂

Have a read through An Overview : Palazzo Versace Dubai which covers the Pools, Kid’s Clubs, Restaurants, Gym & Spa in the resort.

Disclaimer : We were guests of Palazzo Versace for the weekend. This post was written in 2017.

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