An Overview : Palazzo Versace Dubai with Kids

Whilst we live on the other side of town, we ended up at the Palazzo the other weekend after a Dragonmart excursion – check out the 10aed matching jandals 🙂

Palazzo Versace – it’s different than the rest of the resorts here isn’t it. The level of detail put into every piece – the cups, the furniture, the sheets. The same goes with the amenities – the choice of pool tiles (how on earth are they so sparkly!), the covers for the sunbeds, the towels – literally everything.

Here’s our take of the Palazzo Versace with kids, which may be useful should you choose to spend the day here with Privilee or a day pass :

10AED (each) – pretty good deal huh! 🙂

Palazzo Versace’s Swimming Pools

Overall shot of West Pool

Three pools. East and West Wing are family pools (i.e, kids allowed). Central Pool is the one you see on instagram with very-nice-looking people on floats – that’s the ‘sneak off for a kid-free afternoon’ pool. I’ve been to the Central and East pool a long time ago now (will update this post when we return in the coming weeks)

2023 Update :

  • West and Central Pool is family-friendly.
  • East Pool (next to Giardino) is currently an Adults-only pool. Strictly no kids allowed.

West Pool

  1. No tensile shade above the kid’s pool, however no sun after 5pm anyways.
  2. Quiet on a Friday when we went which means lots of free sunbeds and they have these large cabana-style ones which was perfect for the entire family! Note: If you prefer crowds, go to East Pool on a Friday as that’s when Giardino Brunch is on, and guests get complimentary pool access which is right by the restaurant.
  3. Depth-wise, the kid’s pool is more so for older kids – my 16-month old can only stand on the shallow area which is by the edge (see the step in the photo?).
  4. However, as the rest of the pool is so nice anyways it didn’t really matter, they had so much fun jumping into the water, playing (and falling asleep) on the white floats 🙂
  5. Did not see a single crow. Maybe crows don’t like to hang out around Dubai creek. There were lots of other birds, but it was nice to not have to worry those big black birds coming down to steal our pizza or sunglasses (again).
  6. Outdoor shower right by pool. Indoor showers also next to Amalfi restaurant by the pool
  7. Did I forget to mention – you get free bottles of water in ice buckets. Awesome! Take note: ALL other resorts!
Fruitti di Mare 97 AED

Palazzo Versace’s Restaurants

  1. West wing Pool-side menu is from Amalfi and you can eat on the cabanas 🙂
    • Salads, Paninis. Pizzas are 80-90 AED. 241 with Entertainer. Link to menu.
    • Cheapest white is 60AED, beer is 45AED, however you get 20% off with Privilee.
    • You could attempt to ‘split the bill’ – do food first and pay for it with 241 then drinks with Privilee. Don’t quote me.
  2. On other eateries –
    • Giardino does a really fabulous Friday brunch (click here) which is in the Entertainer and also pool access, yes – kid-friendly. I also recommend their breakfast – possibly good for those who live closeby.
    • Q’s Bar and Lounge – a really nice jazz bar – save it for a date night, of course.
    • Mosaico – the lounge as you enter – do the afternoon tea (also in the Entertainer). They have pretty amazing live music in the evenings too.
Palazzo Versace playmats, of course

Palazzo Versace’s Kid’s Club

  1. Very small, to be honest. If they have space to enlarge it, to make it a bit more proportionate to the size of the hotel, will probably be better. 
  2. Lots of kids on a Friday afternoon as guests of the brunch get free access to the Kid’s Club as well. Note : All guests who dine in ANY restaurant in the Palazzo get 2 hours free access here. Good spot to do a playdate with a non-Privilee member.
  3. The kid’s club lady was very actively doing games whilst I was there, which is good.
  4. Humongous toilet next to it (accessible from the corridor) with a changing table. Probably half the size of the kid’s club.
  5. Right next to spa, and gym.
    • Perfect for dropping off your 4-year old and above, if you want to get a treatment done or work out 🙂 PS – Their spa is a must-do. Unfortunately no comp access to facilities with Privilee unless you book a treatment 😉 They have these relaxation stone beds that are heated – it’s out of this world. Not in Entertainer, however we get 20% off with Privilee.

If the Palazzo wasn’t so far from home, we’ll probably go there a lot more often. Facilities are very well taken care of. It’s a relatively new hotel as well I guess! Will definitely be keen to bring the kids back and check out the East Pool (again) – will update this post when I do!

To see how the rooms are like, Have a read of our Summer Staycation in Palazzo Versace here.

Note : This is not a sponsored post. I paid 1499AED, based on the Summer Deal with Privilee (great deal!) Hopefully I’ll see you around in the next three months? 🙂

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