The Rainforest Experience @ Ritz Carlton Al Wadi Desert RAK

I remember reading about the Rainforest Experience a few years ago when the property was still under the Banyan Tree brand. I also remember driving to the entrance four years ago, on the way home from RAK, hoping to have a bite but were politely turned away as entry was only available to in-house guests. Glad that we finally made it past those gates today. “Day pass with Privilee” were the magic words, as the security gave us a big smile and let us through. I was dancing like a little girl inside. I love you guys, Privilee.

We waltzed through into the lobby pass a grand farewell which were apparently VVIP guests from Germany. Welcome drink served with ice cold towels, we were then led to the spa area which was just a short walk through.

The two monkeys were sound asleep (yay!) – and they had a relaxation area where our nanny could stay with them while we head to the Rainforest. Note – water, apples, and peppermint mint also available. Only problem was it was a wee bit warm – would suggest for the team to up the AC in this area.


So what’s this Rainforest thing?

A giant spa. A luxurious, giant spa. A haven for spa junkies 😉

Their website describe it best –

“The Rainforest combines European hydrothermal culture with Middle Eastern bathing rituals, creating a rejuvenating sanctuary in the Arabian desert. “

What did we like about it?

  1. The fact that both of us can use it together – which is a huge plus in this region. (Call before you head over as they have ladies only at certain times of the day)  Please let me know if you know of other spas where mixed-use is allowed!!!
  2. It is huuuuuge. Even bigger than So Spa (click here). You need at least an hour to use it all, and if you’re a big spa buff like me – you can happily stay for two hours before you prune up.
  3. There are 16 different stations – and it’s really fun to do it together 🙂 You start off through these steps of hot and cold water, and then you alternate between a steam room to cold showers, to saunas then ice room – again and again…and again 😉 Click here to the direct link of the Rainforest layout.
  4. The final stop is the Vitality Pool with jets, where you can literally swim around in. There are different areas where you chill, and let jets of water massage your neck, bag, foot and body. You could have 8-10 or even more people in here at the same time, so if you want to plan a spa day with friends, this is a good one to do together.

We spent about an hour in here before it was time to go see the little ones. I note from the website that a 60-minute experience is AED150,  however it is complimentary with Privilee. And you can stay there as long as you want 🙂

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Only suggestion? Exposed HVAC ducts and piping above the Vitality Pool does not really go with the whole ‘relaxation’ theme. If there was just one thing to make this spa perfect – that would be to put a ceiling in. Make it look like the night sky with twinkly stars. Anything else but HVAC ducts please 😉

Would I recommend it? If you’re already a member, please make the trip to the Ritz. Do the Rainforest with your other half.  If your little ones are 4 and above, you could drop them at the Kid’s Club. It’s only about an hour and 15 minutes from the marina, and much nearer if you live further north of us. I’ll be doing a separate post on the Kid’s Club, Adventure Centre and all the many things you could see whilst you’re there with the family be it using Privilee, Day Pass or if you’re staying in their gorgeous villas 😉

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Note : This is not a sponsored post. I paid 1499AED, based on the Summer Deal with Privilee (great deal!) Hopefully I’ll see you around in the next three months? 🙂

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