Attempting 70km – RAKBankRide


We just felt like doing it.

No, we didn’t quit train for it. You know we cycle around the marina, and the beach. The furtherest we’ve gone is up Al Sufouh, then alongside the beach on the newly opened Jumeirah Corniche to Jumeirah 3. Would have carried on, until a plain-clothes policeman came to tell us off and gave us a proper warning (took our names, Emirates ID and everything). So yeah, don’t cycle there 😉

Anyways, there was a road-race held in Ras Al Khaimah last weekend. So we thought, hey, let’s go try that.

Do we have road bikes? No.

Have we ever, been in a cycle race? No.

Did we train for it? Not really.

But hey, that’s not stopping us from doing it 🙂

I went afterwork the Wednesday before, to Decathlon in Mirdiff City Centre . Bloody hell, it’s a huge sportware shop! Bought myself a helmet and cycle shorts (to give extra padding to your front, and back 😉 ). No it does not look sexy at all.

G managed to fit both bikes in the car backseat, and off we went on Thursday afternoon. Read post of our stay in Waldorf, here.

En route to Rixos Bab al Bahr


Onto Friday morning. after a lovely light breakfast in our hotel, off we went towards Marjan Island to Rixos Bab al Bahr. It was 6:15am or so and still dark. We arrived, and was directed into the basement parking, and watched cyclists all getting ready, helmets on, fixing their bikes, gear on. So excited 🙂

Sh*t, no other mountain-biker to be seen. Hahaha. Ah well. We’re doing it!

As we cycled out of the parking lot, the sun has risen, and everyone was almost ready. So off we went, with over 200 other keen athletes 🙂

Get, set, go!

Obviously I was busy trying not to be last, so I didn’t quite had the time to take photos of our route. The best bit was our Gopro stopped working that morning.

The route was mostly flat, with some areas uphill/downhill but not overly steep. It was so much fun doing the race, cycling along the coast. The weather was perfect and such a good way to see most of Ras al Khaimah.

Unfortunately mountain bikes aren’t the best in a road-bike race, so we ended up being possibly one of the last. We were picked up by the PromoSevenSports guys, around 10am when they opened the traffic to public. He was extremely nice, making sure that those who were left behind were all picked up and taken back to Rixos.

So no, we didn’t get the chance to finish the 70km. We did about 50km, and for the amount of training (nil) that we did, I am very proud 🙂 I’ll do another one, anytime! It’s not the end point, isn’t it, it’s more of the journey.

Much thanks to PromoSevenSports and everyone else for doing an awesome job in organising the event.

Now that we’ve enrolled onto Premier Online we get so many email notifications of all the sports in the UAE. There are SO MANY of them. I’ve never realised that!

The next one G is attempting to do is the Desert Warrior Challenge, in Yas Island in April. It’s gonna be fun 🙂 I’m too chicken to try, just trying to round up a group so that we can all go together and the ‘not-so-fit-ones’ can cheer on the sidelines. Looking forward to that one. Are you going?


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5 thoughts on “Attempting 70km – RAKBankRide

    1. are you! hmm. i’m a bit scared of doing it (not so fit, ha ha), but my husband is planning to. are u joining as an ‘individual’ or forming a team?

      1. I’m a bit nervous too as I’ve never done an endurance race like this before – but I am super excited about it!
        I plan on doing a lot of interval, strength and circuit training – I already do kickboxing so it hopefully won’t be too much more on top of that…!
        I’ve joined as part of a team. eeeekkkk 😉

        Good luck to your hubby!! Watch out for my blog entry on it 😉

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