A Family Day Out @ Ritz Carlton Al Wadi RAK

Whilst we’ve always had the impression that the Ritz Carlton Al Wadi in RAK is more suited for “grown-ups”, we were glad to find that it is definitely a family-friendly resort. We managed to spend the rest of the afternoon with the little ones, after a relaxing spa date at The Rainforest 😉

Here’s a quick review of the various amenities and what we thought of it :

Kids Club

  1. Feels very new and clean – wooden floors.
  2. One area with ball pit, beanbags, toy kitchen, toys and books. The other area is like a cosy corner with a rocking chair and “bed”. My 16 month old actually napped on it. I would’ve joined her if we didn’t have to entertain the elder one 😉
  3. Central area where you can eat/drink and do arts and craft.
  4. If you can’t be bothered taking to buggy to the restaurants, you can choose to order delivery. Just remember to ask them for the ‘in-room dining menu’ – the prices are different than the ‘Ritz Kids’ restaurant menu. 


Post to be updated, when we return and use the pool. We just stopped by to have a look at it before leaving for Dubai 😉

What else can you do and see with the kids?

  1. There’s an outdoor playground next to the Kid’s Club – which looks nice but we didn’t use it as it was so hot on the weekend. Will return in the Winter 😉
  2. Next to the Kid’s Club is the Adventure Centre. Have a chat with Wilson, he’ll tell you all about the scorpion, snakes, tortoises, fishes, and various birds they have there. Really fun and interesting for the little ones (and adults as well) to learn about the local and imported wildlife.
  3. Right behind the Kid’s Club is an area where the wild Arabian Oryx graze. Really stunning spot. Apparently that’s where the falcon show is held at 6pm everyday. We didn’t want to stay so late, so we didn’t see it, let me know if you do.
  4. Take the buggy towards the pool and you’ll pass by the camels, and equestrian centre where the horses are. We didn’t stop, but do note that you could ride the horses or camels if you want to (for a fee, I assume?)

Things to note :

  1. The Ritz is a huge compound, and I can see that it will be very nice in the winter as you can stroll around and easily take the buggies from A to B. That can be quite tiresome in the summer with the little ones when you just want to go from the Kid’s Club to a restaurant to eat, but can’t just ‘stroll over’ as you need to ring  up the buggy. The closest restaurant is the Farmhouse which only opens for dinner. Al Hadeerah is open for lunch (and is in the Entertainer), but that’s in the main lobby building. Thank goodness for “in-KidsClub dining”!
  2. The pool is at a standalone place, and you can’t just ‘walk over’ from the Kid’s Club either. So if you’re at the pool, you gotta stay at the pool, or otherwise ring up the buggy to take you back to the Kid’s Club (or main building).
  3. The gym is by the spa, also at the main building. 

So there you go, a quick rundown of the Ritz 😉

Definitely a must-do with Privilee.

Just in case you want to book a night in the villas, it’s off-season now. Here’s a sneak peak at the Al Khaima Tent Villas.

Looks pretty amazing, doesn’t it?

On our next to-go list?

Ultimate Summer Colour Trends Sale

Ritz Carlton Al Hamra Beach in RAK 😉

Note : This is not a sponsored post. I paid 1499AED, based on the Summer Deal with Privilee (great deal!) Hopefully I’ll see you around in the next three months? ðŸ™‚

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