Naughty Noodles Friday Brunch @ Maiden Shanghai, Five Palm Jumeirah Dubai

Everyone knows Five. Let’s be honest – it doesn’t have the best rep after all the noise it made earlier this year2021. And if you have had a few kids, it probably isn’t at the top of your ‘family-friendly resort’ list either. But hey – we all need a break from the little ones, right? And where’s the best place to go for a good few hours of food, drinks and a LOT of fun? Try out Five Palm Jumeirah’s Naughty Noodles Friday Brunch ๐Ÿ™‚

A little introduction to where Five Palm Jumeirah is.

On Palm West Beach, with one of the best views of the marina. So next time you drive onto the Palm, just keep left, and keep your eyes open for the signs – don’t miss the u-turn!

Did you say beautiful views?

The lobby itself is stunning. You have to take a photo there.

And as it is right at the beginning of Palm West Beach, it does have a beautiful view looking back to the Marina and Bluewaters. I’ll just pretend Dubai Harbour is not there.

Just before you settle in for brunch, pop outside to the terrace on the top floor to soak in some sunshine and snap a few photos. We had a get-together last December where we booked in one of the private rooms and I definitely recommend it for group gatherings. The brunch itself however, is located on the Ground Floor…..

which was absolutely packed by the time we got ourselves there ( almost an hour in….. sorry, got kids )

How is the vibe in Naughty Noodles brunch?

The music was pumping, all tables were full, everyone was eating, talking, laughing, just having a really good time. There were many large groups of friends, a few girls-get-together tables, and just a few tables of couples. We didn’t expect much from the service as it was so busy – but surprisingly they did attend to us well and the food did come very quickly. I assumed the team did know we were for a review. Saying that, service was also good late last year when we organised a large group gathering in their private rooms on our own expense.

Is Naughty Noodles brunch all party, party?

Yep, definitely. 3pm is when it’s ‘Champagne Hour’ – and that’s when they come in with sparklers and champagne – an entire bottle for us. And I assume a few more for large groups. There were shots, party poppers, lots and lots of gold confetti everywhere, and soon people were getting up and dancing to the music. It was fun, fun, fun.

How is the food like in the Naughty Noodles brunch?

If you are a fan of chinese food – you will enjoy this one. They bring everything on the menu to you – so sit back and relax and have a few cocktails, catch up with your friends. Our favourites? The kung pao prawns, black pepper chicken from the mains, and the chilli chicken from the starters.

And if you are a fan of asian beer – you get Tsing Tao or Chang. And a few cheesy cocktails like ‘Naughty Noodles’ which is served in a chinese takeaway box.

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Overall Thoughts

Come here for a special gathering – 30th, 40th, Any Birthday Gathering, Hen’s Do, Stag Do, Leaving Do, Just-wanna-party Do. You are bound to have a lot of fun – with the food, drinks, music, vibe, the sparklers and poppers, the dancing.

It is not a ‘first date’ brunch for sure – not unless you don’t mind getting up and joining in the party with everyone else. And yes – it is one worth booking the nanny for if you are planning a group get-together ๐Ÿ™‚ Just remember to come in a taxi…… and to leave in one.

  • Naughty Noodles Friday Brunch
  • Website
  • Fridays, 1-4pm
  • Price : 400 AED for ladies, 450 AED for men. Alcoholic packages only. 21+
  • Maiden Shanghai
  • Five Palm Jumeirah Dubai

Disclaimer : We were guests of Five Palm Jumeirah to review the Naughty Noodles Friday Brunch.

Note : If you are in any of the pictures above, and you would like me to remove them – please let me know.

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