Rooftop Infinity Pool @ Level 77, Address Beach Resort Dubai

How many photos can you take at hotel pool? How many silly poses can you possibly do? If you’re one of those who swear “I’ll never pose for a photo at a pool,” – once you get to Address Beach Resort’s rooftop pool – I guarantee you, you will change your mind.

So, is it really as jaw-droppingly beautiful as everyone makes it out to be?

Well, it would be a yes from us.

The whole experience is built up from the bottom. There are so many check-points, really tough-looking security guys, making sure you are actually an in-house guest (yes, the infinity pool is only accessible if you are staying the night in the hotel), before you get there. So by the time you walk out to the pool deck, you’ve already got this ‘well it better be worth all that’ in your head. And it was 🙂

So, where is this pool?

Well you know that giant hotel right at the end of JBR, the one that’s 10 times bigger than everyone else? That’s Address Beach Resort. Right at the roof, there lies a beautiful infinity pool, which has recently broken the Guinness Book of Records as the highest infinity pool in the world.

Can I buy a day pass to access the infinity pool?

No. It’s only for in-house guests, which is great – makes it a bit more special, for those paying that extra premium to stay in the hotel.

You can however get a day pass for the other pools on the ground floor of Address Beach Resort. Have a look at the Pool and Beach Day Pass Listing for details.

Can I bring my kids?

Again, no. It’s just, too, nice. Keep it that way. Adults need somewhere to escape, once inawhile. Strictly 21+ only.

Note : If you have kids ages 5 and above, you can drop them off at Qix Club (located on Ground floor) – it’s run by the amazing Leizl (who has moved from the Address Marina) as well as her team – more on the kid-side of the resort in the next post.

Can I just go and have a look at it then?

You can go to Level 77 if you have a booking at the rooftop restaurant Zeta Seventy Seven.

There is a minimum charge for either the tables, sunken pods or air-conditioned cabanas – which you can check out here, on the website. Cheapest option is to book a table between 10am to 5pm, it’s 700 AED minimum spend (pre-payment only) with a maximum of 4 a table.

Let’s get back to the pool. So, how would they know if I’m an in-house guest?

Trying to be sneaky sneaky, are we? 😉

Look, security is so tight. They check at ground as you go to the lifts – which room you are at, making sure your name matches. Plus you need your hotel key card to tap in the lift, to get up to Level 75. From there on, you change lifts to get to Level 77. You need to sign in there again. So let’s not try to be sneaky sneaky, shall we?

How is the pool?

Beautiful. About 95m long so if you want to do laps, feel free to.

The water is temperature controlled, I almost wish it was a bit cooler as it is really hot up there by 10am (note: we are in April right now). If you don’t like sun, don’t go there. It’s entirely lit, with small patches of shade underneath the trees around the steps.

What sorta crowd?

Well, it was a mix when we were there. From those taking shots for the gram, a lot of couples, to groups of friends just having a good time. It was mixture of ages, from the 21+ to the older crowd.

And the view?

The view is absolutely amazing so most people were hanging by the edge of the pool, looking around to the entire ‘New Dubai’ – from Bluewaters, to JBR, to Marina. You can see all of the Palm, to Burj al Arab, to the Burj Khalifa. Definitely bring your sunnies and a sunhat, if you want to chill at the pool.

Can we pick one of those cabanas, is there extra for that?

Not for the ones right by the pool, we took one of those and asked them to place the towels on top so there was more shade (note to Address : Get some covers installed?).

It felt really luxurious just to hang and read a book, and people watch.

Overall thoughts?

It’s definitely a Dubai bucket list item.

It’s jaw-droppingly beautiful from Level 77. To sit by the cabanas, to swim at sunset, to chill at the edge and watch the world go by. It’s definitely worth paying the premium (i.e a night stay), just to be able to do that.

It’s such a romantic spot – so if you’re planning a getaway with your other half , definitely do this 😉 Oh, it also ends up converting you into an insta-reel-maker, if there is such a word for that. Enjoy 😉

Have a read through ‘Staycation with kids @ Address Beach Resort’ for more on our weekend away.

Disclaimer : We were guests of Address Beach Resort for the first night (of two) of our stay. Infinity pool is accessible to all in-house guests.

Note : If you are in any of these photos and would like me to remove them, please let me know.

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