Atlantis – Aquaventure & The Lost Chambers

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I love water parks. The last time I went to was in 2008 with D and E to Gold Coast’s Wet n Wild. Ah, I remember it was pouring and rain, and there was hardly anyone so we could do the rides 3-4 times in a row if we liked it 🙂 Fun times.

Now, you can’t compare Wet n’ Wild with Aquaventure. Actually you can’t really compare anything in Dubai to anywhere else. I mean look at that massive aquarium in Dubai Mall. Bloody hell.

Anyways, we bought the Aquaventure + Lost World package.The Lost World, which is walk through aquarium with a lot of pretty pretty fishes, weird-looking fishes, omg-what-the-hell-is-that fishes, manta rays, etc. I think the plus is the way they did the lay-out and how big and detailed the aquariums were. It was really beautiful (Highlight : Jellyfishes)

” Discover the lost world of Atlantis within the elaborately themed hallways of The Lost Chambers, now inhabited by thousands of marine species from around the world.

If you’re a big aquarium fan you could span hours in there. Suddenly I see Julia Roberts in Closer.

Okay carrying on….

We spent the rest of the afternoon in Aquaventure. It was about 24degrees or so in March so that was “nice”. There’s different sections and also an area for kids so if you’ve got kids, you can put them there and you can chill out at the side and read a book. There’s also a lot of lifeguards of safety personnels. Actually I thought there were way too many lifeguards around haha but you’ll learn slowly how safe Dubai is and not just in a waterpark.

When you do the rides, you actually sit on this big inflated donut thing and you travel around in that. It’s pretty cool 🙂 Don’t worry even if you’re super big you’ll be fine. ( We didn’t see anyone pop a donut that day he he he )

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There’s one ride where.. after the fast “adrenalin-pumpin” part, you end up in this see-through glass tube and all around you see fish and baby sharks etc. Amazing.

O o, the craziest one which EVERYONE must do when you go to Aquaventre is the “Leap of Faith”. Now, if you can, get a friend to take a photo for you because it’s definitely something to boast about. Facebook profile photo worthy. Definitely one of the craziest thing you can do. I thought it was scarier than the Superman ride in Movie World, GC because you’re not ‘strapped onto a chair’. You plunge almost vertical down and shoot through an aquarium (again) but I didn’t even dare to open my eyes the whole way down so no fishes for me lol. It happens so quick. If you can, try and keep your eyes open and scream. Hardly anyone does that because they’re too scared…

I think this is long enough. Okay now the part you want to know, how much is it?

  • Aquaventure AED 210
  • The Lost Chambers AED100
  • I think we paid a combo package for AED260

You could pay less (i.e half price), if

  1. you have an Entertainer Book voucher
  2. you have a HSBC Book voucher, and you’re paying with a HSBC Credit Card (registered in Dubai)
  3. you’re a resident
  4. you bought some voucher from somewhere which hopefully is legit

(2015 Update – Aquaventure is no longer in the HSBC Entertainer or Entertainer books. The only deal that I’ve found is that you get a free entry when it’s your birthday week 🙂 Just register online here. Prices has also increased since we first went there in 2012, so check online!)

So chances are, if you’re a tourist, you’ll be paying what we paid when we went there 😛

Again, a definite must-go if you’re doing stop over in Dubai. A few more tips:

  • a) You’ll burn if you come in June – August? Bring lots of sunscreen.
  • b) Water, water, water
  • c) Bring your own towel because you’ll have to pay for extra if you use their towels. Just grab the one from your hotel.

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