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I don’t get it.

Free food, free drinks. Top floor of a beautiful hotel overlooking Dubai skyline. Good music. How does it work??

We went to Icho at Radisson Royal Hotel tonight at 8pm for dinner. It’s ladies night every Tuesdays and ladies get free teppanyaki meal + wine. I actually emailed them when I saw the ad in What’s On magazine to ask ‘What’s the catch?’ – and they told me ‘Nothing, it’s just free for ladies’…. (!!!!)…… So okay, why not check it out

Icho’s on the 49th floor and covers three floors. You go up the lift from the lobby and when you come out to what they call the “traditional” dining area, you go to another set of lifts to the 50th floor where the Teppanyaki section is. Quite a nicely done ‘japanese fusion’ interior I’ll say – more so like Soto than Kura or Ken. The wow factor will definitely have to be the view from the dining area. From the 50th floor the view of Dubai’s skyline is pretty amazing, definitely a great compliment to good food (and wine, hee hee).

First dish is salads. Then the Teppanyaki sifu comes out and does her thing. They ask if you if you want chicken or salmon, and as salmon is crazy expensive in Dubai (compared to NZ, of course), we chose salmon. (FYI, 2 small whole chickens in Carrefour costs 22.50AED (i.e NZD7.50!)

Our mains was pretty well done and ‘presented’. Salmon, asparagus, greens and there’s also a little side of what seems to me to be some sort of tomato-ey thing. Quite weird but … hmm, different I suppose. Still yum.

Then, finished off with a cute little bowl of fruits 🙂 Oh, I forgot, you get to choose if you want red or white wine. Again, complimentary.

After dinner we ventured upstairs to the top floor where the bar area is. They tell you it’s “Ladies night” where you get “unlimited drinks” between 8pm-11pm. I actually missed the unlimited part and asked her “how many glasses?” as I thought it was like the other Ladies Night i.e 2-4 glasses for girls. She looked at me and said “Oh, if you want to drink two bottles you can drink two bottles”…. Ha ha (JY, coming?)

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They then usher you to your seat and shortly after bring you three little bowls of mixed nuts. Not the cheap stuff you get from the planes, but proper mixture of macadamias, roasted peanuts, almonds. Yum

The waitress then comes back and asks you if you would like red wine, white wine, beer, or juices, which includes cranberry, orange, apple, pineapple or mango juice. Wow. Talk about options.. 😀

Icho is definitely a must-visit for ladies (and men). If you’re coming to Dubai for a holiday and you don’t know where to go on a Tuesday night, just come to Icho for a few drinks (and a meal!). I’m sure there’s many other Ladies Night in Dubai and I’ve yet to see them all but seriously, free meal, AND free drinks between 8pm-11pm, AND at such an awesome spot?

Bookings recommended.

  • Icho
  • Tuesday Nights
  • 8pm – 11pm
  • Radisson Royal Hotel
  • Sheikh Zayed Road
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  1. Haha because they’re Asians evi that’s why they’re Asian looking hehehe. Or you mean like why so many Asians on our table?? Dunno, coincidence I think

  2. Looks like I don’t have to spend a dime if I am there hee hee 🙂 It’s so tempting ! It looks so good. Judging from the crowd, I don’t think they are making any money that night 🙂 Hee Hee 🙂

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