Delizie Caffe Gourmet with Kids @ Dubai Harbour Yacht Club

Dubai Harbour is literally our own backyard. As soon as the area opened up about a year ago, we have been there with the kids to scoot, cycle and simply run around. About a month ago, whilst cycling with my 6 year old, we ended up at Delizie. I did not realise that there was a cafe here! Hooray to somewhere casual. We returned a few weeks later, late December with the family to review the venue over an early dinner, or some may call – a late lunch.

Here’s what to expect at Delizie Caffe Gourmet.

Where exactly is Delizie Caffe Gourmet?

If you haven’t been to Dubai Harbour with the kids – now you have a reason to go. Delizie is located on the ground floor of ‘Dubai Harbour Yacht Club’, underneath the more known fine dining Italian restaurant Lamo Bistro Del Mar. See Googlemaps below.

Parking is complimentary if you self-park within the Yacht Club, and dine in Delizie. Note that parking is chargeable in all other areas of Dubai Harbour.

Amazing views, I hear?

You heard right. Sunset from Dubai Harbour is spectacular. We love watching the sun go down from there, as you can see the JBR and Bluewaters skyline from the harbour.

It’s not a very popular spot (yet) – so everytime we are at Dubai Harbour, it’s not too crowded – which makes it so much nicer to enjoy the view.

Delizie has an outdoor terrace, which means you can pick a spot and enjoy a nice cup of coffee while watching the sun go down.

Coffee? Is Delizie not licensed?

Whilst Lamo above is, Delizie does not serve any alcohol.

It is trying to keep to what it is – an upscale gourmet cafe. So while the views do make you feel like having a glass of bubbly, please hold back. You gotta settle for ice tea or a latte (for now at least…..haha)

I’m also secretly keeping my fingers crossed that they will introduce drinks soon.

What sort of food can we get at Delizie ?

Delizie serves italian delicacies and homemade pastries behind the counter. They have a selection of traditional roman flatbread oven baked pinsas as well for around 36AED each.

In their menu, you will find sandwiches, salads as well as classic dishes such as burratina and pomodorini, pamigiana di melanzane amongst others. Prices for all of this ranges from 70 to 95 AED.

We ordered a few to share with the family – club sandwich (which will never go wrong when you have kids, 92 AED), gamberi sandwich (steamed prawns with grilled eggplant, 77 AED) – delicious, tonno sandwich (bluefin tuna slice, stracciatella cheese, avocado, 82 AED). The riso venere & gamberetti (92 AED) I had it all by myself haha – not sharing this one!

For drinks, a latte is 27 AED and you can get iced tea and limonata as well for around 30 AED.

Have a browse through Delizie's menu here.

The food was good, though we did feel that guests might expect a little more when it comes to presentation for the price-point. Simple things like adding a bit more salad to the sandwiches as it does look quite bare on a large plate. Not familiar with gourmet italian cafes – so maybe this is how things are presented in one? If that is the case, I will put my head down and keep quiet, haha.

Is Delizie really family-friendly?

I would say yes – though you will have to be very careful with the little ones if you are sitting indoors as they have very nice, light coloured fabric couches. If you did order that chocolate gelato (15aed, very well-priced), make sure they don’t drip on the couch!

You can always sit outdoors and let the kids play on the boardwalk right alongside Delizie’s terrace. Bring their scooters or bicycles, they can go up and down and around.

Husband and I sat outside until late, while they ran around and played until dark.

Overall Thoughts

Drop by Delizie after your morning school run – it opens at 8am and serves breakfast as well. Delizie is as it describes it to be – a gourmet Italian cafe, and priced accordingly. If this doesn’t suit, bring the kids over anyways for a gelato, and an oven baked pinsa. Get a coffee, enjoy the sunset. Keep an eye out for us in our bicycles ๐Ÿ˜‰

Disclaimer : We were guests of Delizie to review the venue over dinner.

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