Sundowners with Kids @ Jones the Grocer, Palm West Beach

It was nice to return to Jones the Grocer with the family after having been there a couple of times beforehand. It was the first time trying out their menu properly over dinner and drinks whilst soaking in the golden rays of the sun just before it slid down over the horizon. Ah, I love Palm West Beach. It’s probably getting annoying for you if you follow me on socials – we are always there 🙂

So how is Jones like with the family, at sunset?

Where is it on Palm West Beach?

If you are familiar with Palm West Beach – Jones is in between Senor Pico and Orange Chameleon. If you are still not familiar with Palm West Beach – come on! Go already!

Bring the scooters for the little ones if you go, and possibly a change of clothes in case they decide to run into the a) sea b) fountains.

Where shall I park?

If you are driving over with the little ones – park right down the far left end of the basement parking. Take the last stairs or lift up and you’ll come up by Senor Pico, which is right by Jones. Have a peek at this video which shows the kids scootering towards Jones. Not too far, right?

Let’s talk about the food.

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We decided to order a few small dishes to share with the family that evening.

Jones’ menu, much similar to its sister branches has a combination of casual bites put together with the freshest ingredients – soups, salads, sandwiches and burgers. This branch here in Palm West Beach also serves wood-fired pizzas – and you better order one if you are there. Prices range from 62 AED for a Margarita, to 92 AED for a ‘The Quatrado’ – a vegetarian pizza with all the best cheeses you should throw on one.

We went for the ‘Italian Stallion’ (82 AED)- that’s wagyu green peppercorn salami with feta mint and parsley. The crust was crispy and you could smell the oven, with bits of the corners slightly burnt – as you would expect from a proper wood-fired pizza. So good.

Another dish to try would be their “me…so hungry” (86 AED) – udon noodles served with chargrilled glazed striploin and what people know as “ramen egg.” Loved the added spiciness from the chilli – so be careful that the little ones don’t try and steal the noodles when you are having them. Noodles weren’t really the usual thick and chewy type you would expect from a udon.. I would go so far to say it is not udon, but hey – what do I know? Go try and you tell me 🙂

Here are a few snapshots of what we had. If you are having a drink and is feeling a little peckish – definitely order the zucchini fries (35 AED).

 Have a browse through Jones' All Day menu here. 

PS – The prices at Jones at Palm West Beach is slightly higher than its sister branches.

Hang on, it’s licensed?!

Yes! Cocktails, beer, wine – all the good stuff 🙂

Have a browse through the Jones' drinks menu here.

Can I use the Entertainer here?

Unfortunately this branch is not in the Entertainer. Sorry!

How’s the crowd like?

Taking into consideration that it was a public holiday when we went, the venue was packed. I would say that it will probably be busy most weekend early afternoons over the winter months. Lots of families with young children, some with nannies, and groups of adults. The little ones were playing sand, running up and down while the grown ups have a drink of two.

There was also music in the background – DJ Barrie Birse spinning to tracks, keeping it chilled yet fun over sunset.

Is there beach access at Jones?

CurrentlyDec2021, there isn’t any official beach access, i.e you cannot just bring a towel or mat and lay in front of Jones.

If you are dining at the venue, the kids can of course play by the sand in front of you. And you can of course stroll along the beach as well. Just don’t be cheeky, come dressed in your swim stuff and sneak into the sea for a swim ha ha.

Overall thoughts

Take the kids to Jones one afternoon this winter. Have a pizza or two, couple of drinks, and when they are ‘done’ they can play sand, find some shells, build a sandcastle while mummy and daddy have a few more.

Of all the other venues along Palm West Beach, Jones is probably one of the more ‘casual’ ones with prices to match. Go catch the sunset with the kids 🙂

2022 New Year's Eve OFFER

Jones at Palm West Beach currently have a NYE package available, starting from 495 AED per adult. DJ Barrie Birse will be playing from 7:30pm onwards, plus there will be a dedicated fireworks show for Palm West Beach at midnight as well! Have a look at Jones’ NYE packages here.

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An overall capture of the venue :

Disclaimer : We were guests of Jones the Grocer to review the venue over dinner.

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