A Mexican Breakfast @ Senor Pico, Palm West Beach Dubai

If you’re getting bored of the usual English Breakfast dishes, how about give Mexican a try? Look I am no expert and will not start pretending to be one. Sadly, I have never been to Mexico so I’ll leave the ‘Was it authentic?’ review to those who know better.

This, is a brief review of breakfast at the very colourful and beautiful Senor Pico, at Palm West Beach Dubai.

What’s on the menu?

Good news for those who don’t like too many choices at 9am in the morning, you have 6. All 55 AED and below.

For those who has never had mexican breakfast and is not well-versed in mexican fare other than Chili’s (which is Tex-mex, I know…but anyways) – the best way to describe it is having eggs in the usual favourites.

Breakfast grilled chicken burritos (with scrambled eggs), morning beef chorizo tacos (with scrambled eggs), sunrise quesadillas (with scrambled eggs). So to quote the travel guru Shaun from eatdrinkstaydubai.com who messaged me after I posted an instastory of the tacos – “What in the name of Beelzebub is that yellow stuff that looks radioactive?” – the answer is….drum rolll……… scrambled eggs! ๐Ÿ˜‰

And drinks?

C’mon it’s breakfast. What do you want to drink? You can still get your coffees and teas. A latte is 25 AED. And if you feel like a mocktail, you can also order a frozen margarita mocktail for 33 AED.

How was it?

Try the chillaquiles (55 AED) – fried egg with tortilla chips, salsa, beans, avocado with cotija cheese – yum! The burrito was properly jam-packed (as a burrito should be……) and so filling. I had half and I was done. If you want something sweet, they do have french toast (pan frances) for 48 AED served with tasty horchata sauce.

Overall thoughts?

Say you live in the Palm and you’ve done breakfast at every other restaurant in the area. English breakfast, Eggs Benedict, the usual. Go to Senor Pico for something different. The weather is surprisingly still okay to sit outside in the mornings (post written, early May), and along that stretch in Palm West Beach – you have a few options in the weekends – Jones, Koko Bay and Senor Pico. Take a pick, let me know what you think.

Wait, wait………. before I forget – shout out to 3 charming chaps in the photo above. Say hi to Idrissa from Tanzania, Islam from Egypt, and Netto from India ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Breakfast – every Friday and Sunday from 9am
  • Senor Pico
  • Menu
  • Palm West Beach Dubai
  • Disclaimer : We were guests of Senor Pico to review their breakfast menu.

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