Sh’Bam with Ali @ Studio Republik Dubai

I am almost 6 foot tall, awkward, and I have as much rhythm as a table. My hands and feet just do not move in sync and I remember standing in clubs a lifetime ago, wishing I was short so I could ‘disappear’ in the crowd. Didn’t stop me from having a good time after a few too many drinks though.

Fast forward a couple of kids and kilos later, I’ll be lying if I said I didn’t miss it. The dancing, I mean.

So when I booked myself to one of the first Sh’bam classes few months ago, I was absolutely thrilled to find that there was a way to move, at 10am in the morning, to club music. And it didn’t matter if you looked weird, everyone was in it for the same purpose – to have a good time. And of course, to sweat, and inshallah – burn some fat.

Ali tells us all the time – you’re here to have a good time. He shows us the steps, we follow, and then he adds on extra hand movements, and this is where he always tells us – you do whatever you want. Go crazy. And everytime I go – I end up grinning from ear to ear – usually at myself because it’s so much fun, and also because you can see that the instructor himself – he absolutely loves what he’s doing. And it shows.

The music is loud, it’s fun. The beat, the rhythm, the moves. You close your eyes (if you want, just don’t crash into anybody) and you disappear to a different place. Don’t get me wrong – it’s a great workout. You sweat your ass off. But the main thing – it’s so much fun.

Try Sh’bam if you want to have a good time and do some good cardio. Thanks Ali. I’m definitely making sure they’ll add more classes than just that Tuesday 10am one.

Note : Just a personal review of a class I love going to. Non-sponsored in any way. I access Studio Republik using my Privilee membership which I pay for.

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