Breakfast @ Phileas Fogg’s, Address Montgomerie Dubai

2022 Update : The review below was written in May 2021 when I went to Phileas for the very first time. We have been back there numerous times since and absolutely love the place. Highly recommend breakfast at Phileas.

Original Review : May 2021

I was this close on leaving, standing in the heat, trying to get in touch with the team. 7 times, I rang – my 3-year old with me, impatient and hungry. The main door was close, there were men working away and when I asked the first time – they signaled for me to turn the corner so I can get in from another entrance. Problem is when you are there with a toddler, you can’t just “pop over” to check, you have to bring her with you. What if they were wrong? Well, good thing I had a little bit of patience left in me this morning, otherwise I would missed out checking out Phileas Fogg’s 😉

How’s the place like?

We’ll let the photos do more of the talking.

Nicely done interiors, large leather clad sofas with TV-screens – perfect for large groups having a night out to watch a game. Outdoor terrace overlooks the golf course.

And breakfast?

I had their basic ‘The Breakfast’ – priced similarly to their sister venue The Scene at 65 AED. The difference? Comes with pork bacon and sausages 😉 The little one had a japanese pancake, which is a first for us. It’s kinda like a cute round cake, priced accordingly at 20 AED.

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A latte is 22 AED. Babycino is complimentary, hooray.

Have a look through their breakfast menu here.

How’s it like for kids?

All the tables indoors are high, so not the best for toddlers. Well not mine anyways 🙂 You’ll have to sit where we sat – in the large booths. Whilst those areas are really cosy, like your own lounge, it’s not the most comfortable spot to eat at – these are more for drinks and snacks, but we made it work.

Sep 2021 update With the tables in Phileas Fogg’s terrace next to the playground, there are a few tables to the corner which we normally sit at as the kids can comfortable prop themselves by the couches. There are also numerous ‘outdoor-style’ tables with benches.

I heard that there’s a play area?

Yes! The playground is still under construction when we were there. There’s also a carousel which will hopefully be open soon!

August 2021 Update : The playground is now open for use. The outdoor terrace is also fully enclosed and air-conditioned for the summer months!

Play area photos above, shared by fellow mum Annabelle Booth – thanks 🙂

First impressions?

I’m not a fan of venues that don’t answer the phone. 7 times man. Definitely not the best first impression but the staff were really apologetic about it afterwards. And to add they were really accommodating and sweet to my daughter and I over breakfast.

Suggestion? For as long as construction works is still on going, please put a sign out at the main gate for people to enter from the other entrance.

With the overall place and food – thumbs up from me. Love the decor, the ‘hot air balloon’ , the fact they have a playground and carousel which will come into handy once it’s all open. Oh, and that it’s only a 5-10 minutes from our place, hooray to that. It’ll be nice if they could introduce similar breakfast deals to that of The Scene though – complimentary coffee with one order of breakfast between 10-12pm? And kids eat free? Hehehe….

Great to see another licensed family-friendly spot open out in that area. It’s a bit of Reform and The Scene mashed up into a their own beautiful Phileas Fogg’s 😉 Will definitely be returning with the family once the playground is open. Let’s see how the rest of the menu is like then?

  • Phileas Fogg’s
  • Website
  • Address Montgomerie Dubai
  • Breakfast is served everyday from 8am

August update : Phileas Fogg’s currently hosts numerous live music sessions over the week. Follow them on social media to see what’s going on.

Note : Non-sponsored. I paid for breakfast at Phileas Fogg’s.

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