Huqqabaz Garden & TLV Fine Art – Where Butterflies meet Coffee

I had seen snippets of the Huqqabaz Garden on social media and was quite surprised to know that there was an outdoor cafe with a garden in Mall of the Emirates. You didn’t know that as well, did you?

Did you know they also have displays of fine art within the venue?

Let’s first introduce you to the place.

Huqqabaz Garden is the expansion of Huqqa – which you may be more familiar with. Similar with all the other branches, they serve turkish cuisine with an extra ‘touch’. Think theatrics, dry ice, and just a really really fun menu.

Yes, they do serve shisha as well.

Where exactly is Huqqabaz Garden in the Mall of the Emirates ?

If you are walking around in MOE itself, head to the main atrium on Ground Floor where Debenhams and Harvey Nichols is. Walk out the main entrance and you will see Huqqabaz to your far left.

There’s an outdoor garden?

Yes! It’s a beautiful little garden with water features, butterfly sculptures and lots of greenery. The little ones will love walking around there. It’s a nice spot to pop over to if you have been shopping for yours in MOE and you want some fresh air – particularly in the winter season!

How is the restaurant like?

It has a huge internal space with lots of natural light streaming in. Happy to know they do have a smoking and non-smoking area – as the venue does serve shisha.

It was a quick meeting that morning so we had breakfast. Loved my Eggs benedict with smoked salmon – priced appropriately at 51 AED. My dining companion Croissant Caprese looked pretty good too, priced at 46 AED.

Drinks at Huqqabaz, similar to their main branch in Dubai Mall is at the higher end of pricing. A latte starts at 31 AED and goes up to 46 AED for a Selfie Latte (which you have to have, at least once… just for the fun of it).

If you have family over – make sure you order the Dragon Egg for the entertainment ๐Ÿ™‚ It was definitely the highlight of my morning (and many others who saw the video… haha)

Have a browse through their menu here.

Did you say there are displays of art in the restaurant?

There are numerous sculptures of butterflies within the venue – which you will come to realise is their main theme.

There is one display from TLV Fine Art by Israeli Painter and Sculptor David Gerstein, titled “Elegance”. It comprises many butterflies – hand painted on cutout aluminium, put together very carefully on a steel sculpture depicting a women wearing a stiletto (or boot).

If you are not sure where it is – ask someone in Huqqabaz to show you where it is. Note that the artwork is for sale – so if you are interested, you can get in touch with the gallery.

Where is TLV Fine Art Gallery itself?

The gallery is located in Crowne Plaza in Dubai Marina. For more details of the gallery itself, you can check out their website here.

Overall Thoughts

This is a very brief introduction to Huqqabaz Garden and more importantly – to TLV Fine Art. Happy to know there is an option within the mall itself for outdoor dining – which I will definitely return with the family. Next time you pass by Crowne Plaza in the marina, make sure you check out TLV Fine Art as well ๐Ÿ™‚

The Dragon Egg

Overall coverage of Huqqabaz Garden

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Disclaimer : We were guests of Huqqabaz & TLV Fine Art for a quick breakfast.

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