Expo 2020 with Kids : Be Prepared

This is a guide that will keep evolving as we explore Expo 2020 with the family. With over 200 pavilions, we will be going back there a lot over the next four months. A piece put together on what to prepare before you go, where to go, where to eat, what to do, what to see with the kids when you are there.

Please keep coming back and join us, as the list grows. More like a little Expo 2020 journal to be shared with everyone, particularly if you are visiting Dubai on holiday and going to Expo for the first time.

Feel free to share your thoughts and advice as well.

Expo 2020 Official Website FAQs

The official website has a page outlining some of the typical FAQs of visiting with children, so have a read first.

What to bring

Take note that there is a LOT of walking involved, so here are a few tips to plan before you head over :

  • Scooters
    • They can zip around outside and in between Pavilions.
    • They can bring it into the Pavilions but most will tell you that they are not allowed to actually use it inside – so the kids will have to either push it or someone will have to carry it.
  • Snacks , lunch, dinner, and lots of water.
    • Food and drinks are allowed to be brought in. So bring whatever you want.
    • You can always sit by the grass astroturf and have a picnic in between Pavilions or at the end of the day.
    • Of course there are lots of F&B outlets in the Expo if you wish to dine there.
    • Yes there are licensed venues.
    • There are also refillable water stations

What to wear

  • Comfortable walking shoes or sandals.
    • If you are planning to go into any of the Pavilions with wet areas, put the kids in their slippers to make it easier for yourself.
    • Leave the heels at home. If you really need it for the ‘gram, keep it in your backpack and walk around in a comfy pair.
  • Spare clothes for the kids
    • In case they decide to get entirely wet in any of the activations
  • Hat and sunscreen, if you are going in the daytime, as it is very sunny in between the Pavilions.
  • If you have a spare “hang over neck” passport holder at home, bring it.
    • You can use it to put the Expo passports in and save some money from buying the ones in the shop.

How to get there

With kids it’s oftentimes easier to drive, especially when you have more than one child. However, you can also take the bus or metro there. Here’s the official page in the Expo 2020 website on transportation and parking.

Where to park

In Expo 2020

  • Check where you want to go, and choose which parking is closest to that.
  • Either parent can drop the family off at the Main Entrance, and go and park the car after, however take note that this is about 10-15 minutes detour as you will need to go back onto the motorway to get back into any of the parking areas.
  • There is a free shuttle bus that takes you from the parking to the Main Entrance, but it will get crowded at peak times.

At Jebel Ali Metro Station*

*Info, shared by fellow mum Emi

  • You can also drive to Jebel Ali Metro Station, park there – and then take the Metro to Expo.
  • Have a look at the RTA website that shows this route.
  • Bring the kids to one of the cars at the end so they can watch the track.

Fun things for the kids

All the Pavilions are educational as it introduces each country (192 pavilions) or theme (8 special pavilions). So depending on your child’s age, they could spend hours in each (if it’s a big one) reading and watching everything. This section is more so for toddlers – as our kids are small – ages 5 and under ie short attention span, just wants to play most of the time.

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To mention, there are ongoing shows at the Expo so make sure you follow them on instagram or the website to see what is happening everyday.

* To be updated…. Stay tuned.

Featured Reel – Malaysian Pavilion – My first home 🙂

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