A family Turkish breakfast @ Huqqabaz Jumeirah

Last weekend, we drove up to Jumeirah to review the newly opened Turkish restaurant – Huqqabaz. The name is quite familiar by now, isn’t it? With the first branch in Dubai Mall, and the other in MOE which we have just recently visited.

How is Huqqabaz like? How does it differ from its other branches?

Where exactly is Huqqabaz in Jumeirah?

It’s along Jumeirah Beach Road, to the right hand side after you drive pass the Four Seasons. Pop it into Google.

Is it easy to find parking?

The amazing thing about this restaurant (among others) is that there’s complimentary valet. I didn’t even realise restaurants that are not in hotels have valet as well, haha. So just hand over your keys and unload the family.

How is the restaurant like?

Similar to its other branches – Huqqabaz serves turkish cuisine with a bit of ‘extra’.

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In the Jumeirah branch, they have birds on display within the restaurant.

Don’t worry, they are kept within a large enclosed glass area so they are not within the ‘smoking’ area of the restaurant. There is an attendant who takes care of them, and will take them out to the terrace area for you say hello to. It really is quite a cute experience for the little ones.

You get close to them?

If you are comfortable enough to 😉

Did you say there is an indoor play area as well?

That’s the crazy part. There is a reasonably large enclosed play area within the restaurant, with attendants present. So if you want to, you could drop your little ones in there for them to play with other kids while you are dining in the restaurant.

You could pick a table next to the play area if you wish, and you will still be able to see them as it is a full-height glass wall.

Slides (removed, updated March 2022), toys, kids’ rock climbing, kitchen set, books. A little nursery within the restaurant. Crazy ay!

What’s for breakfast?

We were there for a late breakfast, so we went for their Turkish Breakfast Spread (again)… haha. It’s been awhile.

This is an extensive spread with all the many little things that you can also order separately from the menu. There’s ‘tulum cheese’, pastry with cheese filling, ‘menemen’ – a really delicious dish consisting of freshly baked tomatoes, green pepper and parsley. It’s a good one to do if you want a little bit of everything and can’t be bothered thinking, so early in the morning. It’s enough to feed a family of 2 adults and up to 3 little ones (well, mine are ages 6 and under.. so). Plus you get 2 orange juices, and unlimited turkish tea for 2.

Pretty good, for 179 AED, right?

If you want something else, you can of course get the usual favouites. We ordered some french toast with ice-cream for the girls… lucky little people 🙂

Have a look through Huqqabaz's menu here.

Overall Thoughts.

Take the family to Huqqabaz in Jumeirah if you feel like turkish breakfast. Or even if you want to go with the good old english classics – they have all of that as well. Once the little ones are done with breakfast they can pop into the play area for a bit, or say hi to the resident parrots. Price-point, Huqqabaz is what I’ll call one of the more upmarket restaurants around. It’s on the higher end, and with that you get the little extras like valet, a play area with attendants, and of course a very interesting menu. Check the menu before you go, so you know what to expect – and have a great time. Say hi to Jan if you go!

Disclaimer :

  1. We were guests of Huqqabaz to review the venue over breakfast.
  2. This review was done in December 2021. Please check with the venue for current details and pricing.

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  1. This is amazing! How much does it cost to leave the toddlers with the attendants? Also, any idea on age range?

    1. Oh hi ! There is no extra cost for leaving the toddlers with them, it’s part of the service provided by the cafe. Pretty cool right?

      Not sure about age range but for the size and equipment in there I would say it’s OK up till maybe 5? Depends on the little one as well 🤗

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