A Lavish Turkish Breakfast @ Huqqa, Dubai Mall

Back to Huqqa in Dubai Mall with the family last weekend to review what they had to offer for breakfast. We normally don’t do breakfast with the entire troupe as it’s just too much effort and time to get everyone ready on a Friday morning. But hey – if it’s at somewhere nice, with views of the Burj Lake – why not? 🙂

Quick rundown this time –

Where is it?

In case you missed my previous review of Huqqa – click here – here’s how to get there. Park in Fashion Avenue on P5(L1) or P7(L2) and walk straight into the new Fashion Avenue. Take the lift up to L3. You’ll see Huqqa, next to Logma. Good thing is – bathrooms are right there in case you need to dash over with the little ones.

Where to sit?

If you’re brave enough, sit outside on the terrace as it overlooks the lake. Still a wee bit warm mid-November at 11am for us but the view – eventhough we’ve seen it a million times – is still beautiful. Possibly one of those places you bring guests when they are visiting, where you’re away from the crowds but can still snap that instaworthy pic. Otherwise – pick a spot indoors. You might see Matthew McConnaughey floating around in his spacesuit.

What’s for breakfast?

Their breakfast menu is 8 pages. 8 frickin pages. I asked the team to give me a recommendation and they of course went for the Breakfast Spread which apparently covered most items on the menu. Our favourites? Probably the pastry with white cheese and lamb with cheese toast. Priced at 184aed, which supposedly feeds 2 but fed the entire family just fine (that’s 2 adults, 2 kids, baby not eating yet) – with lots to spare. So if you have family over – get this. It’s got that ‘wow’ factor to it – plus it comes with 2 orange juices and 2 turkish teas as well. Then you can order extras if you wish to. We got the girls some honey crepes and hey – these guys do crepes pretty good as well.

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And drinks?

Coffee is on the high end with a cappuccino for 42aed. If you’re going to do that, just splurge and get a selfie latte, priced at 44aed. Last place I knew that did it is now closed on SZR. Mind you I’m only starting to ‘go out’ now so enlighten me if there are other cafes that do selfies lattes. What is it? You whatsapp your photo to them and they get it ‘printed’ on your latte. It is so gimmicky but I love it. My mum would too 🙂 Not interested? You have 15 pages of drinks to choose from. Ranging from drinks called Cotton Candy Coffee (yes – Coffee served with Cotton Candy) and “Crazy Birds” and “Bath Tub”. How fun would it be to work with their design team.

What else?

Huqqa has a whole lot of Ipads that can be used by kids to watch or play while they’re dining. My girls were ecstatic. We don’t even have Ipads at home. Good way to keep these toddlers quiet – however if you don’t want one, make sure you let them know in advance before they walk over and hand it to the kids! You and I know very well that once it’s in their hands, there’s no way of getting it out 😉

So – that’s Huqqa for breakfast for you. It’ll be nice to try what else they have in the very extensive menu next time we return. Yes – priced on the higher end and not in the Entertainer or any other discount offers that I am aware of so it’s quite a fancy breakfast for you. Would be an added bonus if it were licensed though? 🙂

Disclaimer : We were guests of Huqqa to review their breakfast menu.

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