Breakfast @ Jones the Grocer, Palm West Beach

Dubai decided that the beachfront to the west of the Palm trunk was not wide enough. What did they do? They made it wider. More space means more footfall and of course – F&B outlets. I’m happy they decided not to over-populate this area and keep it a bit more bare and serene with just a few restaurants. And other than that Bali-inspired bar that everyone in Dubai has already been to (except me, insert crying face emoticon), there’s good ol’ Jones the Grocer. That coffeeshop I used to go to with my workmates back home as it shared the same building as our office. Ah, the good old days.

I had to call these guys numerous times to find out how their menu was like as there was zero information online. “Sorry but we are still in soft opening phase so we don’t have a menu yet.” I pushed a bit more and asked if they can just send me a snapshot of what’s on their blackboard, or well….. something. Still nothing. “How much is a latte?” 21aed. Okay, that’s fine by me. Plan was set – the girls informed and off we all went on a Sunday morning for breakfast with the babies 🙂

So, how was it? I mean – it’s ‘just Jones’ right? I’ve been to their branch at Emirates Golf Club and that other one at Sheikh Zayed Road too and these guys have done well for themselves – it has always been busy. What about this one? This new branch is beautiful – just literally the setting on the boardwalk at Palm West Beach. Service was prompt, I was happy with my iced latte (30aed) and carrot cake (33aed), the girls loved their panini sandwich. The only thing that annoyed me was the walk from the carpark to Jones as you’re facing the sun. Yes I know it’s “winter” now, but man when you’re walking under the sun it is so hot at 10am in the morning. Why didn’t they make an access to the boardwalk closer to Jones? Or will there be another one later on that I had missed? I’ll stop moaning.

First impressions : Definitely a goodie for those who live in the area. Bring the kids over as they can run around in the sand. Go plan your breakfast with friends as well – just bring your sunnies, an oversized hat and lots of sunscreen. Perfect for sundowners – wait a few more weeks when their license kicks in and you just might be able to get a cocktail or two 🙂

Updated – February 2021

Absolutely in love with Palm West Beach – I’ve lost count how many times we’ve been here now lately.

Just a mini update for those driving over – when you drive down the ramp to the basement parking – turn left. Ignore the signs that shows you where to take the lift to get to Jones. Turn left and drive all the way down to the end of the parking, and take the last lift up. That lift is right by Senor Pico, and Jones is next to it.

Note : Non-sponsored. We paid for our breakfast at Jones.

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