Happy Hour @ Wavebreaker, Hilton JBR Dubai

Did you know that Wavebreaker has a playground right next to it on the sand? And they serve drinks as well? And, it’s got a baby swing? Ha, the little things that get parents excited these days 😉

Here’s a run-through of the happy hour deal at Wavebreaker – Hilton Dubai Jumeirah, which we had the opportunity to review one afternoon :

Where is Wavebreaker?

Possibly one of the very first beach bars in JBR. If you are driving – you can self-park at Hilton (the one by the beach) and walk towards, yes you got it – the beach. If you live in the area that c’mon, you know where Hilton is.

Happy hour?

So, between 5 to 7pm every weekday – that’s Sunday to Thursday Monday to Thursdays updated 2022– you get a selection of drinks with a Buy 1 Get 1 free offer. Wines are around 50 AED for 2, Draught Carlsberg 44 AED for 2, Cocktails are 63 AED for 2. There’s also a selection of bar bites for a discounted price 😉

What sorta food do we get, and how was it?

There’s about 8 choices of bar bites priced 40 AED and under. The buffalo chicken wings (35 AED) was so good – I could have easily had more, if I had not devoured their signature Wavebreaker Slider (40 AED). It comes with all you would expect from a good ol’ burger – cheddar cheese, fried egg, veal bacon and what they call ‘secret sauce’. Hah. Just to keep it mysterious, ay.

We snacked through their crispy calamari rings as well – I knew that if the kids were there they would have happily helped themselves to more. If you are fan of pork charcuterie, they do have that – with pickles and mustard.

What else? They also have a chicken caesar salad, a vegan slider, lamb kofta and a cheese platter if you just want to have something really light.

Have a look at the Wavebreaker’s Happy Hour menu here.

Kids can use the playground, if you dine there?

Yes! If you pick a spot at the edge of the terrace, you can watch the kids play. If you want to make a entire day out from it – you could also pay for their Pool & Beach access (click here). Or hey, if you’re a Privilee member then hooray, make sure you eat here after all that swimming and beach time 😉


Seeing that it is quite a family-friendly spot, being right next to the beach and the playground – will be cool if they could have something with fries in that happy hour menu. Because honestly, that’s all toddlers eat when they go out, isn’t it. Or a simple standard penne bolognaise.

As an overall – glad that I rediscovered Wavebreaker and more importantly – the playground. Simple beach bar grub, with well-priced cocktails to match. Nice to have a mojito or two when the sun sets. So if you’re tired of going to the JBR playground all the time, pop over to Hilton and get a drink instead for a playdate. Free parking too, so you don’t have to get stressed out about leaving within that 3 hours time limit The Beach’s basement parking has. We will be returning with the kids next time for sure. At least I know they will be entertained and mummy and daddy can also be happy over happy hour drinks and food 🙂

  • Happy Hour
  • Wavebreaker Beach Bar and Grill
  • Hilton Dubai Jumeirah
  • Deal :
    1. Monday to Thursday, 5-7pm, Buy 1 Get 1 Free Drinks and Discounted Bar Bites
    2. Entertainer 241 for Main Courses*
    3. 20% off the total bill with Privilee*

*Deal 2 and 3 is applicable on full-priced items.

Disclaimer :

  1. I was a guest of Hilton to review Wavebreaker Beach Bar & Grill.
  2. Review was done in February 2021. Please check with venue for updated details and pricing.

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