Breakfast @ Palm Bay Dubai, Club Vista Mare

I wrote this article back in 2016, and it really irritates me that up till now, year 2021 – we still have venues that cannot get the basics of online information correct. Let’s keep this short and sweet so it’s serves its two purpose – 1. Guests who are planning breakfast at Palm Bay know what they are getting (which will be beneficial to the venue itself), and 2. The restaurant itself corrects the information to avoid possible disgruntled guests. Which leads back to my wonderful morning ๐Ÿ˜‰

About two weeks ago, one of Palm Bay’s breakfast posts popped up on my newsfeed. A new spot for alfresco dining by the beach = I’m interested ๐Ÿ˜‰ I hopped onto their website to check out their menu (as of this moment, that said menu is still there) and noticed that their prices were fairly reasonable – 45 AED to 75 AED for breakfast including coffee and tea. I organised breakfast with a friend and off we went this morning to Club Vista Mare to check it out.

Upon sitting down I was presented a different menu where dishes were 60 AED to 90 AED, excluding drinks. When asked, the staff explained that the one I had seen has been discontinued over a month ago. When I mentioned it was still on its social media feeds as well as the website itself, he apologised to say it is outdated. Disappointed, as I had organised for friends to come here based on a different menu and price-point – I decided to go off and see if we could dine in another restaurant. If you’ve been to Club Vista Mare you would know there is only a handful of restaurants. Popped into Breeze and was advised that they only open at mid-day, breakfast is served at weekends. Aw man – we had literally – no choice but to return.

The funny thing was when I pressed the staff further – he said this has happened many times before – where guests saw a different menu and came here, and had no choice but to stay because there was no other spots to go to for breakfast. I felt tricked? Wouldn’t you? Was it an intentional marketing bleep to get us here? Or was the team just so careless, and couldn’t be bothered fixing it because it was obviously bringing customers in?

My 60 AEDEggs your way‘ came promptly and well, didn’t exactly knock my socks off. Presentation was fair, however they probably should up their portions just to at least fill the plate a little, or lift up my mood. Coffee is not mentioned anywhere in their menu – a cappuccino is 25 AED.

The view – sitting on the outdoor terrace at Club Vista Mare – that was a winner. The staff taking care of us – he was sweet with the babies, and to be fair – pretty attentive as well, which did save the morning.

Would I return? Not for breakfast. For the same price-point and view there is a lot of other options out there – Bla Bla and La Brioche at The Pointe for starters. I can only imagine the number of guests who saw a different ad, popped over, or like me – organised for friends to go and then everyone was presented a different menu – with a higher price. The marketing team needs to get this sorted. I note they have a lot of other deals going on and I’m sure they are doing very well for lunch and ladies nights. But as a first impression – it’s a thumbs down for me. I’ll carry on exploring other other spots for breakfast ๐Ÿ™‚

If you’re reading this, you most likely googled ‘Breakfast at Palm Bay Dubai’ or ‘Breakfast at Club Vista Mare’. If you like what you seethat’s good – I did do them a favour with getting this online, anyways right? Plus, at least you know what you’re getting before heading over ๐Ÿ˜‰

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Note : Non-sponsored. We paid for breakfast at Palm Bay Dubai.

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