Chic Wednesdays @ Drift Beach Dubai

Here’s one for those who have Wednesday’s off, and would like to spend a day at a really chic beach club. Drift Beach it is – located right at the edge of One and Only Royal Mirage, by the Palm Monorail.

I had seen lots of photos of the place before but never really looked into going there. After spending a day at the Royal Mirage few months ago, I went online to see how much it would cost to have a bite or to use the pool. I was surprised to see that there were quite a number of well-priced deals, and on Wednesdays – if you have breakfast at Drift – you can complimentary pool and beach access. Not bad huh? 😉

Here’s the big question in everyone’s minds – how much would breakfast cost?

Well, it starts from 25 AED for a bread basket to 75 AED for eggs royale. My banoffee waffles came – initially with a sliced banana that was partly brown in the middle. I was going to just waive it off – I mean y’know, everyone eats a brown banana at home but had to remind myself that we’ve come to Drift and no no no – you don’t accept a brown banana when it costs you 45 AED for this. Gotta raise your standard, ay? 😉 The team was nice enough to replace it and well, a waffle is a waffle – I could not fault it. My friend’s Scambled Eggs came with smoked salmon, tomatoes and mushroom – as well as 3 slices of bread which at 65 AED I thought was quite well-priced. Fresh juice is 32 AED and they had a choice of watermelon or orange. No straws served with my glass – good on them on trying to reduce plastic waste. We all can pick up a glass and drink orange juice. Coffee is 30 AED – and yes, it is steep, even slightly more than a latte at Eauzone next door, but we have to remind ourselves – whatever we’re paying for – we’re getting a full day of pool and beach access.

How was the crowd?

It was mix of all – from the young instagram-model-looking people ha ha, to groups of the older crowd. We thought we might feel out of place – it being a really trendy beach club – but nah, it was actually quite nice. Possibly also because we were only there for the morning? I wouldn’t know how it’s like towards the end of the day.

With the restaurant itself – whilst I got there at 9am and took on the second table at the restaurant, it was quickly filled up by 10am. They do play lounge music which was nice – and even as you walk towards Drift, there’s speakers along the way to set you in the right mood.

And service?

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Well-trained, polite, attentive. No issues at all.

The pool is beautiful, and the beach was so nice as well. Let’s just pretend we can’t see the half-built part of the Palm Monorail, or Avani.

Best bit?

It’s an adults only venue, which is really nice if you want to escape for a few hours on a Wednesday with your other half, or your girlfriends. You could easily pop over after the morning school run, spend a few hours of bliss and then pick up the monkeys and get on with the rest of the day 😉


Make sure you book, and get there early so you can reserve a sunbed at a spot of your choice. If you’re a lazy one, you can take the buggy from the carpark to Drift, and back again 😉

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Note : Non-sponsored. We paid for breakfast at Drift Beach.

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