Fish and prawns on the sand @ Bu Qtair, Umm Sequim

Came back to Bu Qtair again last night with our friends, and man, was it good.

Bu Qtair has been mentioned by a lot of other bloggers as one of the recommended cheap eats in Dubai and we were actually introduced to it through a good friend. It’s an experience that you don’t really get anywhere else here, a lot much like eating in the food stalls back in Malaysia.

I recommend you go early though. Last time we went straight after work and got there past six, there wasn’t much of a line. Last night when we went there at 7pm the lines were outside of the hut, and you just have to join in the queue – it was about 40 mins or so of wait time. Not too bad if you’re with a group of friends so you can chat.

Queueing for fish

Once you get to the counter, you choose your fish. Fresh from the fisherman’s hut next door, just look at the size of them. We chose two hammours and a scoop of prawns, all enough for 5, came to 280 AED altogether.


Then back out you go, for more waiting, this time for your table. If you’re lucky you get a few stools and you sit there for another 20 minutes or so.

Then the guy shouts out your name, and woohoo, your table and food is ready!

Not the best photo

You sit in the dark (there are no lights at all outside the hut) – and so I whipped out my cellphone and attempted to take a photo. So yeah, that’s the best you’re going to get, ha ha. Trust me, it tastes absolutely delicious. The fish is so fresh, the meat is sweet, the skin is crispy and flavoursome. The prawns as well. Amongst the 5 of us we destroyed everything with a few prawns left.

Ah before I forget, while you’re at the table you order your extras like fragrant coconut rice, bread, “salad”, and curry. All that with 5 drinks costed us another 25aed altogether. Not too bad ay.

Can’t think of anywhere else that does fish that good for this price. When we left last night the lines went all the way to the road. It was that good ๐Ÿ™‚ Just go early if you’re not a very patient person, otherwise go with a group of friends so you can keep each other company during the wait time!

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