At long last, Bon Jovi in the UAE

We slept at 3am last night.

We got back to Dubai past midnight and although I did think it was a good show, we felt….. unsatisfied. Spent the next two hours watching Bon Jovi’s old concert videos, particularly the one in Wembley back in 1995How I wish we could get a time machine, jump in it and go watch him live then. When his voice was ‘rock solid’! 

As we do on the mornings after, we got on the internet post concert to read up reviews from the real critics with good english (i.e not people like us he he). If you surf through twitter you get the typical positive comments, and no one really dares to say anything less ay. Then Rob does his piece (click here) and G and I were like, yeah, exactly. 

Don’t get me wrong I was all smiles all night.

So happy to be there, seeing him live.

Not the best photo but this will do

I was about twelve years old when I bought “Now!” on cassette tape – which does a compilation of hits.

‘Always’ was in it, and I immediately fell in love, as a twelve year old do 🙂  Back then lyrics were printed on the folds of the cassette covers and I would sit in bed singing along. And you would know all the words. So yeah, this is where I’m getting to – so disappointed that he didn’t include it in his playlist last night! Click here for an awesome live performance of Always in Wembley, 1995. Back when the only thing you see up in the air was arms…..not cellphones.  

We both reckoned that his voice was not like it used to be ay. This thought was further reinforced once we spent the rest of the night watching old concert videos. Whenever he reach a high note last night he’ll pull away, go soft, or let the audience help out.  We felt that that’s probably why he didn’t do Always. Could it be? 🙁

I was fairly annoyed with the crowd when they couldn’t just shut up and keep quiet for his acoustic set of ‘Someday I’ll be Saturday Night’.  People just don’t care ay. There’s groups of people around me just talking away. Maybe we should’ve splurged even more for the front pit tickets where people listen? Hmm.

And ha ha it’s hilarious when the camera changes its view from stage to crowd. When people are supposed to be singing along all you see are cellphones filming, in the air. It’s sad isn’t it (me guilty at times too 😉 )

Whining aside, I still really enjoyed it though.

It was Bon jovi man! 🙂

We thought he was good with the crowds – c’mon you gotta be if you’ve done x number of live gigs over thirty years. Still in the Bon Jovi fever we spent the early afternoon watching watching more youtube videos, with one I highly recommend of him just recently, talking about his life, how they started, how it came about and how they ended up where they are now, thirty years on 🙂 Click here. 

You’ll love him even more after watching this. And you just might forgive him for not singing all that good last night, and for not including Always in the set. Maybe 🙂

Many many thanks to Think Flash for bringing the band here!

Here’s a few not so good  photos of last night.

And to end this post, here’s a piece done by Mr Garratt himself again few days ago about the band and why it worked, that we both really liked.

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