30 Seconds to Mars does World Trade Centre

Off we went to World Trade Centre last night to catch 30 seconds. We haven’t been to concerts there for a long time now, and it sorta reminded me why.

Imagine every one in five person has a cigarette in hand. Ugh, it was disgusting. To be fair it really is just a ‘Dubai situation’, so I can’t slam anyone for it. I remember going to so many concerts in Vector Arena back home, and security would check all our bags to make sure you can’t bring in drinks, cameras and ciggies. Can we not have the same thing done here in Dubai? Or is it just okay to smoke in indoor concerts, kids too? Anyways, moving on to 30 seconds 🙂

Standing at the back, attempting to be as far away as possible from the smoke 🙂

We had sorta well, high hopes.

Their MTVs, often-times high budget gave us the impression that they would be awesome live. Oh dear, were we disappointed.

First off, the introduction was… lame. Who uses the classic O Fortuna to kick off their concerts? When the music came on, G and I looked at each other thinking, seriously? It’s the theme some movies still use in their trailers, and it’s really quite cheesy. The crowd loved it though, as they do.

Jared, wearing  a ……white cloth thing, hair bleached pink, to be fair handled the audience very well. I don’t think we have the same to say about his voice though. For a few minutes we thought there was something wrong with the audio system. His voice was croaky, sometimes you can’t really hear him, sometimes it seemed off-tune. Didn’t sound anything like the recorded songs. It’s a rock-ish concert, we’ve been to quite a few and they are always so good live. Chester Bedingfield, Linkin Park, Dave Grohl, Foo Fighters, and okay okay maybe 30 seconds don’t really fall into the same category ……so maybe let’s pull in My Chemical Romance and All-American Rejects then and damn, are they great in concerts. Jared Leto’s voice was… I don’t know. Maybe it’s just where we were standing?

Halfway through we were trying to find where the drummer was on stage and …….couldn’t. This was when G went, o dear, it’s like listening to karaoke with a midi-player in the background. Very much in agreement with Rob’s take on the show, quote “ this is 100 percent ‘The Jared Leto Show’ ” 😉

Our glorious view of his head

Almost contemplating to leave, we were pleasantly surprised with Mr Leto himself moving to the stage in the middle of the hall quite close to where we were at. Yay, some exciting action! 🙂 A very lucky Saudi girl also got the chance to go on stage and take a selfie with him (and some local boys to my right shouting profanities at her). Hilarious.  He was talking to us all, did a live post on instagram which I thought was pretty cool he he.

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Also made a comment about someone’s selfie stick that was right in front of his face on the big screen. I am really surprised the guards didn’t get the person to remove it straight away (where were they?). These frikin’ selfie sticks should be banned from concerts! 😀

After returning to stage he did a few more songs, and, bye bye.

We got the tickets fairly cheap from dubizzle but still felt that it was not really worth what we paid for ay. It was entertaining. But from a music performance perspective, it was a let-down. 

Personally I was looking forward ay. I have a copy of a teen magazine from when I was twelve, with him fronting the cover. Watched him get beat up in Fight Club, arm amputated in Requim, and then bam, he appeared on MTV 2005 in From Yesterday. He sings, too? I was so impressed then.

I’m just hoping it was the sound system, or where we were standing. Maybe 🙂

Well well. Looking forward to Jon Bon Jovi next Thursday now. I’m sure he’ll do a good show 🙂 Hopeful!

Click here for Rob’s very well-written take on the show from The National. Looking forward to other media reviews on it!

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5 thoughts on “30 Seconds to Mars does World Trade Centre

    1. haha! Yeah, I like them ay! I think when they played it was a back to back set with My Chemical Romance. They were throwing guitar picks out and I got one, woohoo! Don’t think they make much music anymore though

  1. Pity it was a let down for you 🙁 I heard that the last time they played here it was mostly just 13 year old girls in the crowd…
    I’m also going to Bon Jovi!!! Looking forward to your review!

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