Brazilian Independance Day @ Fogueira, Ramada Plaza JBR

Last Tuesday, when I was back in good ol’ Dubai for a few days, we were invited to celebrations at Fogueira in Ramada Plaza for the Brazilian Independance Day. 

We’ve never been to the 35th floor of the Ramada Plaza, although we’ve been to Speakeasy downstairs a few times for brunch and dinners. It’s somewhat surprising though, why no one ever talks about it. Its setting is similar to that of Pure Sky “next door”, facing mainly the marina side, with beautiful views like this :

Slilverene and Pier 7 alit down below. Beautiful isn’t it, the marina? 🙂

The outdoor bar I can imagine will be packed on a weekend night, with the terrace extending all around.

Outdoor bar

Fogueira is apparently Dubai’s first churrascaria, Brazilian style all-you-can-eat barbeque restaurant. There’s a few in the neighbourhood that we’ve been to, Toro Toro in GHH and Fogo Vivo in Ocean View Hotel who both do brunches as well. What we found quite different with Fogueira other than it’s setting and view is its interior – reminiscense of Trader Vic’s – ala Polynesian-style, and of course, the live samba girls who gave quite a bit of a show that evening 😉

If you’re there with a big group of friends, the boys will absolutely love it 🙂 Just be prepared to get up and dance with the girls, otherwise you would end up (like me) feeling extremely awkward when they come and dance with you and you’re sitting there going, go away, go away, go away. He he he.

How was the food, you’ll ask? They have a big selecton of tropical mixed salads, with quinoa being my favourite, and of course palm hearts, avocado and ceviches. 

As churrascarias go, you’ll definitely get your meat. And a lot of it. From chicken hearts, to wings, to drumsticks, and lamb legs and lamb chops. Then there’s beef tenderloins, rib eye, sirloin and flank steak. As much as you want 😉

Our favourites is the caramelised pineapple, which is always absolutely delicious to have in between all that meat.

And just in case you wanted to watch where they do all the meat, have a wander outside and you’ll find the kitchen with all the glorious skewers of meat rotating over the open fire 🙂


This is the part where you’ll ask, what are the deals then? 🙂

Here you go :

  • Ladies Nights every Monday – 6:30-9:00pm – Unlimited selection of Caprinhas and Mojitos (and I’ve never been there!)
  • Friday Brunch – 12:30-3:30pm – 25% off groups more than 5, or ask if you can use the Entertainer 2 for 1 that’s in your Fine Dining Book. 315AED for non-alc and 425AED inclusive of Brazilian cocktails (caipirinha, caipiroska and mojito) and house wines (red, white, rose)

Always great to find another good spot in our neighbourhood that we’ve never been to! If you’re planning to drive, you can actually park as well – they share the same entrance from the marina side as you would if you were going to Pure Sky Lounge 😉

Our favourite shot of the evening ….


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