#46 On red wine and chips

Sitting in Bar Rouge, a glass of Genesis Cab Sav to my right with a little bowl of chips, or as the British tend to correct everyone else – ‘No, they’re called ‘crisps’‘ ๐Ÿ˜‰

It’s been awhile since I’ve blogged on the spot. It’s different, isn’t it. I haven’t been able to do social media photos properly because the phone camera still does not work, which means I’m literally useless as a blogger. Hang on, who said blogging is only about photos? ๐Ÿ™‚

As I sit here overlooking the bar, this is what I see.

To my right, three english gentlemen in suits discussing business. To the end of the bar a guy by himself with a beer in hand. To the front left, two tables occupied by what seems like 1) a pretty awkward date, and 2) three people, one on her phone probably on facebook, and the other two chatting away.

Just another day in a hotel bar.

My first random rambles three years ago started right here in New World Makati – in what used to be called Cinebar. Click hereย – ‘On Rieslings and peanuts’.ย Since then I’ve returned to the very same hotel numerous time for business (non blog-related) and even after my 4th trip, still did not felt like I wanted to write about the place. I waited.

Tonight must be my 32nd night in this hotel overall, and I’ve watched them as they gradually went through refurbishment, from the restaurants, to the lobby, to the rooms, and they’re still going.

I like it here.

And I think I just might do a proper write-up at the end of it. I just wish I had a camera that worked to give them the credit they deserved ๐Ÿ˜‰

Till then.



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