Running Skewers Night at Chef’s House

I picked up my knife, and attempted to cut the piece of lamb that had been served to our tables. A firm grip, sliding up and down, meat was still intact.

Frustrated, I waved the waiter down to ask, “Could I please get a steak knife?”

He responded politely, almost apologetically,”Sorry we don’t have steak knifes here.”

“But you serve steak?”

“Yeah, we serve steak but we don’t have steak knives,” with a very embarrassed laugh. 

Hmm, okay :/

Dinner carried on, and we looked over to our other table of friends who were occupying a booth on the furtherest corner of the restaurant. A tad disappointed that we couldn’t sit closer to one another, and that when asked if our friends could take the empty tables next to ours, was told “Sorry, we’re fully booked.”

At about 10pm none of these supposed guests turned up and the restaurant was possibly only 50% full.

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At 10:40pm, the staff came over to take our last orders, as you do at an evening brunch 😉 My dear friend C had her glass of wine half full, and asked for another, since this was ‘last orders’. He told her that they can’t serve her another until she finishes her glass. Bizarre, isn’t it. So you expect all the guests at the table to have just finished all their glasses when you came to take ‘last orders’? Odd.

And so this argument went on for a bit, where he said “It’s only 60AED for unlimited drinks, you can’t get this anywhere else!”

So this justifies us having to down this glass of wine in front of you before you bring us another glass? Note : Dinner is 107AED from Cobone, and you top up extra 60AED for unlimited drinks.

Ah, it’s just odd sometimes ay, some of these places. Different rules. Different attitude. You can say well, it’s a ‘deal’, so you shouldn’t expect top notch service? I disagree. It’s Radisson Blu. It should be better. Let’s start with getting steak knifes so guests can cut through meat ? 

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  1. That is so disappointing that you had a bad experience there; we’ve done the unlimited drinks option there and had no issues.
    It’s so frustrating that service can be so inconsistent in Dubai 🙁

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