Sunday Roast at The Ritz @ The Ritz Carlton DIFC

2023 Update : Sunday Roast at The Ritz is currently discontinued. Please have a browse through our Family Brunches in Dubai listing for other options

Another one from The Family Brunch crew – here’s Sunday Roast at the Ritz, which we popped over one afternoon in June to review with the family. Having been to the Seaside Brunch and seen numerous videos on socials, we had an inkling as to what to expect, and was pretty excited for the kids. Anything with Magic Phil works for them, haha,

Here’s what to expect, and how it went for us.

Which Ritz is this in?

Sunday Roast at the Ritz is held in Cafe Belge, located on the ground floor of the Ritz Carlton in DIFC. It occupies the indoor and outdoor terrace area.

Yes, there is complimentary valet.

In the winter months, it extends through to the outside area which I can imagine is fabulous. We, on the other hand were glad that they brought everything in the shade for the summer.

Outdoor terrace area? Isn’t it hot in the summer?

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We were worried as well as they led us outside to our table. Thankfully the aircon from indoors is blasting out, so we were okay sitting right by the doors. They do have fans, though I am not sure if it does much as the ceiling is high in the outdoor area.

If you are worried about the heatsit indoors. The kids activities is indoors anyways, and then when the shows come on you can bring the little ones outside 🙂

What sort of food? Is it just roast?

The main theme is roast.

You get your roast chicken, beef, lamb, yorkshire pudding and veges. There is fish and chips, and a pasta station. Indoors, you will find the cold seafood section, salads, cheese and bread, and dessert. No, there is no pork – this is a halal brunch.

There is also another separate ‘sweet room‘ just for kids 🙂

Let’s talk about the kids activities.

They are very clear about what they provide, and they do deliver 😉

When we were there early June, all the kids activities had moved indoors – which suited us fine. To the corner were three tables set up with mini chef activities (cookie decorating), arts & crafts and a slime station. The slime the girls made ended up a disgusting gooey mess on the dinner table so I highly recommend you hide it as soon as they are done.

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There is also someone bending balloons in the same corner – because little people can never get enough of balloons in whatsoever shape, can they? 🙂

The kids were back and forth between activities corner and table all afternoon. And of course, they do have the entertainment…


There is literally something going on for the entire 4 hours that you are there.

You have the queen’s guards who comes marching in – lots of photo ops for that.

Then, the beautiful boutique princess makes a grand appearance as Elsa, to do a very elaborate show. There’s singing, dancing, and she gets everyone moving around – it’s really a lot of fun. Even the 2 year old joined in the train with his sisters around the venue.

Of course, there’s Magic Phil whom the girls have seen countless times and love. The eldest got called up and the two decided to join her onstage. What fun 🙂 Lots of laughter, lots of fun.

Do they have live music too?

Slightly before 3pm, comes Jamie Wrecs on stage.

I knew there will be live music but by the time all the shows were done I really thought maybe there isn’t any today – and that is alright, because there has been so much going on already.

He came, equipped with his guitar and ‘all that other stuff’ musicians bring. It was amusing seeing little people still mucking around on the stage while he was trying to set up, haha. He did his gig – the crowd enjoyed it, mums and dads swaying away with their babies and toddlers up front. Even our 2 year old decided to go to the front and attempted to climb underneath the stage. Not sure if that’s appreciation for the music or just being a …….. toddler 🙂

Overall Thoughts

Do Sunday Roast at the Ritz if you enjoy a good roast, with entertainment for the kids for the entire afternoon, and some music.

It is what I’ll call one of the more premium family brunches around (priced at 415 AED for the house package) – on par with their sister brunches Into the Jungle and Family Fest, as well as Bread Street Kitchen. You know that the kids are going to be entertained throughout, so minimal or zero Ipad at the table time, ha ha.

Drop me a message below if you do end up going!

  • Sunday Roast at the Ritz @ Ritz Carlton
  • The Ritz Carlton DIFC
  • 12:00 pm – 4:0 pm
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Disclaimer : We were guests of The Family Brunch team to review Sunday Roast at the Ritz.

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