Seaside Brunch @ Village Bistro, The First Collection at JVC

March 2023 : Seaside Brunch is currently discontinued. Please check our Family Brunches in Dubai listing for other options!

The Family Brunch team have curated a couple of (very) popular brunches for families here in Dubai – and Seaside Brunch is one of them. Last weekend we drove across Al Khamila Street towards a neighbourhood that we are very unfamiliar with – JVC – to review the brunch, three little ones in tow. Anxious if it was going to be a hectic afternoon, or one of those where we could actually sit back and relax.

Here’s what to expect, and how it went for us.

Let’s start with the location.

The First Collection? Where?

Prior to googling the location, I have never heard of this hotel (sorry, guys!) It sits somewhere in JVC, alongside another popular hotel – the Five JVC. As we drove in, we were surprised at how busy the hotel was at the entrance and lobby area. Tourists, I assume, or just a lot of people going there for brunch?

For the big question in your mind rightnow – the brunch is not at the seaside. It’s ‘Seaside’ themed. Food, activities, kids entertainment. Got it? 🙂

I hear that there is a lot of activities for kids?

Seaside Brunch is one of those family brunches with non-stop activities and entertainment for the little people.

First came Oscar the Octopus – someone wearing a red octopus inflatable. Kids poking the poor chap, as they do 😉 Lucky for him (or her) they had their team monitoring and making sure he was ‘okay’. Kids can get quite rowdy, y’know. I have three ….

They had face painting and balloon bending as well to keep the little people occupied. Arts and crafts to the side with as much kinetic sand as you would like to get messy with.

The main act was the Seaside Princess, the beautiful lady from Boutique Princess. Such a talent. She waltzed in dressed up as a mermaid, starting of with ‘Part of your World’ from Little Mermaid. The kids were mesmerized, as was I.

She then went on singing to other Disney favourites, like Let It Go, and more. She even got all the kids to get on their feet and dance. What a party 😉

Just when we thought it was over, the team wheeled out a cart with biscuits – dolphins, sea horses, octopuses (Seaside Brunch, get it now?) – and all the marshmellows and sprinkles that you can have to decorate it with I assume icing and more. By this time we had to leave (piano class, sorry) so we had to miss this. Not to forget the last act of the day – Sandy the Starfish 😉

What about the food?

Food is not too extensive, but I did feel that it was pretty good. You have fish and chips, with mushy peas and all the condiments. BBQ – king prawns, salmon steaks, grilled chicken and lamb chops. A really good seafood chowder, and roast with yorkshire pudding.

To start, the team brings all the starters to the table – there’s burrata salad, an arabic mezze tray and more.

Overall Thoughts.

This is our first brunch at one of the venues organised by the Family Brunch team. I can see why they are so successful – there is a lot going on, act after act, and in between there’s just endless activities for the little people. I forgot to mention that the brunch includes pool access as well! Does make sense why they charge kids from age 4 onwards (125 AED, FYI)

Do Seaside Brunch with the family if you are looking for a busy brunch. One that will keep the kids on their toes the entire afternoon. The only issue is keeping it going when it gets warmer – as we were there over the ‘heatwave’ period and it was unbearable (for us) to sit outside. Indoors was nice, though quite far from all the activities. I would recommend you go soon, and pick a table right by the activities if you can 😉

  • Seaside Brunch @ Village Bistro
  • The First Collection at JVC
  • 12:30 pm – 4:30 pm
  • Book here
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Disclaimer : We were guests of The Family Brunch team to review Seaside Brunch at Village Bistro.

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