Tips to rent a luxury car in Dubai

One of the perks of living in a city like Dubai, or coming here for a holiday is access to luxury. This can be in all forms : staycations, restaurants, clothing, bags…… and of course, luxury cars. I am sure the thought of renting a luxury car for a day (or two?) has crossed your minds before. And why not do it in Dubai?

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There are several things to consider while renting a car in Dubai.

It is always a good idea to have some guidelines to follow so you can rent a car with ease. We have compiled a list of some of the most crucial rent-a-car recommendations in Dubai that will help you rent a car like a pro :

Check the authenticity of documents

Before renting a car, you should request that the rental car companies review all of the vehicle’s documentation. Check for registration, insurance, and all other required paperwork before signing the rental contract. This will save you time and money on the road by avoiding avoidable hassles and fines.

Select a well-known company

Firstly, make a list of car rental companies in Dubai.

Take note that when looking for a specific car such as a Ferrari 488 Spyder, you may come across the same model from multiple manufacturers. They could charge different prices for similar models. They will all claim to give a fantastic experience at a lower price. A company’s internet presence, on the other hand, speaks for itself. As a result, it is critical to visit the company’s website. If the website isn’t visually appealing, does not provide useful information, or appears suspicious it is better to stay far to not get trapped.

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Go through an online representation of the company

Look up the agencies’ internet reputations on Google, Facebook, TrustPilot, and other sites.

From the looks of it, you will be able to tell which reviews are legitimate. You will know whether there are genuine photographs and profiles with authentic ratings if there are genuine photos and profiles. The best automobile rental businesses value openness and will not tack on any extra fees to your rental bill.

Take suggestions from people who have rented a car

If you want to find a great premium vehicle service, talk to someone who has just rented one.

Tell them you would need a list of the last few premium car rentals they have done. Then you will be able to get their opinion on which ones are the greatest. Following that, go to the luxury automobile businesses’ online websites. You can also obtain an idea by speaking with their customer service. As a result, you can go to their websites to see their specials and packages. You may compare the various luxury automobile rental agencies once you have all of the necessary information. As a result, you can choose the one with the best deals.

Check the company’s fuel policy

In Dubai, there are a few automobile rental companies that provide a full fuel policy. It indicates they give you a car with a full tank of gas. To prevent any fines, it’s also vital to return the car with a full tank. However, to avoid being duped, double-check that the provider is genuinely providing a car with a full tank of gas.

Have a budget in mind

Another crucial factor to consider when renting a car in Dubai is the rental car cost.

Every budget can be met with an automobile. However, it is critical to research the market price of the car you want to rent. Luxury car rentals are available in a variety of price ranges. You have nothing to be concerned about if your budget is limitless. However, you should never pay more or less than the average cost of a certain car model. You’re being taken for a ride if you’re too high. Paying more does not imply that you will receive better service; it simply means that the corporation will profit more from you.

Keep in mind as well too little is suspicious because the car rental firm has costs to pay,

Pay through credit card

While the car rentals in Dubai, including One Click Drive, accept both credit cards and cash for security deposits, it is always wise to pay it using your credit card.

When you pay your security deposit using a credit card, the sum gets automatically returned once you return the rented car. However, the companies promise to wire transfer the security deposit to your bank account within two months from returning the rented car when you make a cash payment for a security deposit. Scams regarding returning the cash deposit are not unheard of. Therefore, paying with your credit card is wiser.


Renting a car may be simple and fun. With that, you should be informed of all the requirements for renting a car before making a reservation. Having had all the information that you need, the booking procedure should be able to be completed quickly and smoothly. Therefore, do your research, and contact a luxury car rental near your home in Dubai for the finest one.

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