Gal and Gallery 27 – Where Art Meets Food

Isn’t it nice to get dressed up for an event? Aren’t we all glad things are getting to some sort of normal in Dubai? 🙂

Introducing Gal, a contemporary Turkish-Mediterranean restaurant situated at the Ground Floor of Address Downtown Dubai. You may not have been there but I am sure you have seen photos of people sitting on a crescent shaped sculpture, with the Burj Khalifa in the backdrop. They have recently collaborated with Gallery27, whereby pieces of art are now being showcased within the restaurant. I’ll be honest – I am no art expert. The only artistic ability I have in me is writing – if you consider this art. So I was glad I brought along a good friend of mine to catch up – she, on the other hand, had much more insight to the art world than I did.

It is quite an experience, walking down a dark corridor where big sculptures and paintings are hung off the wall. It is literally bringing the art experience into the dining hall, mixing fine art with fine food. What a fabulous idea – so people like me – who possibly would never get the opportunity to go to an art gallery – would have the chance to appreciate artwork in a nice dining setting.

Pictured above – ‘Wings of Joy’ by French-lebanese artist Rachel Koleitat.

We were served canapes throughout the evening and it was a nice ‘introduction’ to the food that Gal has to offer. Oysters, watermelon feta, a bit of beef carpaccio, beef ribs. There was a bit of pizza, meatballs, lamb chops, finishing off with ravioli truffle and of course – a dessert platter. Add on a beautiful live violinist – it was a fabulous evening out.

Watching Manasse Rampino do a live painting of Marilyn Monroe was fascinating and equally impressive. If my 5-year old asked me to draw a horse it will probably look like a goat. A lot of respect for artists who can create art, more so live, in front of so many people.

The outdoor terrace is still open in the evenings, and you wouldn’t miss the famous “Birthday Suit” naked monkey statue by Joseph Klibansky. Go take some photos soon because guess what, someone has decided that they want to have this statue in their home. Or villa. Or castle. He’s…sold!

The few pieces of artwork will still be on display in Gal for the next weeks. Pop over for a drink or dinner with friends. Leave the kids at home for this one 😉

And if you would like to see what else Gallery27 have – drop by their store. They have 3 right now – one that I walk pass every other day at the promenade level of Marina Gate. I’ve just never walked in simply because I’ve always had the little ones with me 😉 One at Marina Mall, another in Downtown, with a brand new store opening in Mall of Emirates very soon.

Cheers to the team for the invite, it’s nice to be back out again.

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Disclaimer : We were guests of Gal & Gallery27 for this lifestyle-art event.

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