Buffet Breakfast with Kids @ Mezzerie, Waldorf Astoria Palm Jumeirah – Would you do it?

Buffet breakfast and toddlers don’t really go well together. What more when you have more than one child. But we do do it, every now and then. Cause kids love having the choice of one donut, maybe one waffle, maybe 3 babycinos and 5 watermelons. And ala carte can end up costing a fortune when they can’t make up their mind about what they want at 9am in the morning 🙂

Mezzerie – the all-day dining restaurant in Waldorf Astoria Palm Jumeirah is one of our favourite go-tos when it comes to buffet. We’ve had breakfast there many times over the years – sometimes with the family, sometimes with friends. It works out to be 155 AED for two adults (with the Entertainer or Privilee)*See Note 2, and kids under 6 is free. It’s a fabulous deal, and if you pair it with dropping the kids at the Kid’s Club and then stay for pool and beach later on – it’s a really nice way to spend the day.

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Pictures are taken over various different visits in 2020 and 2021.

How’s the spread like?

Buffet breakfasts are typical across 5-star resorts in Dubai. You get full English Breakfast options, all your fruit, fresh juices, the vegetarian options, and at Mezzerie you also get your cheeky pork options too – hooray. The kids love the sweets – waffles, pancakes, all those donuts. And I get to have a latte, an iced- latte later on, and a couple of juices if I wish.

But buffets and kids, isn’t that just chaos?

Well, I’m not gonna say it’s stress free. My heartbeat sure isn’t slow when I’m at the buffet with all 3. “Two hands on the plate!” “Don’t touch the food!!!!!” “Stay in your seat!!!…”…

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It does help though, when the team are able to spot a stressed out parent and help out, when they can. And that’s where the Waldorf stands out. Of course these are the times when they are not so busy with other guests. Little things they do like bringing food from the buffet to the table where possible, assisting the kids, stopping by to check if we needed more coffee – all these things matter a lot for us parents and we are highly appreciative of it.

If you have Privilee, you can also drop your little ones at Coco’s Kids Club for 2 hours so daddy and mummy, or otherwise you and your friends can chit chat longer while the little ones are entertained. Great, isn’t it 😉 Tip : There’s a door right at the end of Mezzerie so take that to go to Coco’s, to minimise outdoor walking time. You will save 15 seconds of walking in 50 degrees.

So shout out to the team – I probably don’t remember everyone’s names, there’s Leslie, Chef Clive, Perera, Ashok, and many many others – thanks for making our breakfast mornings at Mezzerie so much more enjoyable and less stressful. You’ll see us back very often 😉

PS – Try contain the kids when they are at the lobby.. Waldorf is generally quite a “quiet” hotel. Otherwise you’ll get told off by the few who decides to make Peacock Alley their workstation 😉 Quote unquote “Could you please control your kids?” “This is a 5-star hotel, not a 2-star hotel.” Oops…

Pps – If you are organising a breakfast gathering for a large group (fully covid precautions compliant), get in touch with the team. They can place you right at the back of the breakfast hall in a sorta closed off area which is fab for toddlers and cornered off from the in-house hotel guests 😂 Thanks to Nick who accommodated all of us at last minute!

  • Breakfast at Mezzerie
  • Website
  • Lower Ground level, Waldorf Astoria Palm Jumeirah
  • 155 AED per adult, otherwise 155 AED (for two with Entertainer or Privilee)* Kids under 6 eat for free.
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Disclaimer :

  1. Non-sponsored. We have always paid for our breakfasts at Mezzerie.
  2. *Please note that this review was written in July 2021 when the offers were available with Entertainer and Privilee. Please check available offers.

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