Sundowners @ Senor Pico, Palm West Beach Dubai

Headed towards Palm West Beach to meet a girlfriend for a late lunch review – this was Senor Pico, a licensed Mexican joint situated right by the fountains and the giant West Beach sign (no hashtag as well, for a nice change 😉 ). We took a seat outdoors – and at 3:30pm in the afternoon, early February in Dubai – I’m glad that the weather was still just right.

Thoughts on the restaurant? Is it worth checking out if you’re craving some Mexican food ?

Let’s start from the beginning.

Where is this Senor Pico ?

If you’re taking a taxi, you’ll get dropped off at the Palm West Beach entrance which is right by Koko Bay. Turn left, it’s pass the fountains. If you don’t know where Palm West Beach is, please smack yourself for me.

The place is so painfully colourful and bright, it literally makes you smile. So if you’re one of those people who likes to colour coordinate with the restaurant you’re heading to, don’t worry…. anything bright will do.

Mexican food, you say?

They call it ‘Mexican-early Californian’ – and this is where I’ll pretend I know what that means. You get starters between 40-50 AED with the familiar guacamole, salsa, nachos, a lot really interesting salads and ceviches under 60 AED, tacos around 50 AED (3 pieces per serving), quesadillas (~50 AED), burritos (~60AED), and of course, the sweet stuff.

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What did we have, and was it actually good?

It was good to see that the tortilla chips that they used in their Nachos (50 AED) were home-made, and properly crunchy underneath all the hot mexican cheese dip, sour cream, pico de gallo and guacamole. A definite must-try is their Cauli “Frita” – this is how you make a vegetable dish unhealthy – you fry it 😉 Crispy, served with chipotle aioli – yum. If your little ones don’t like their vegetable – maybe this will change their minds?

For salads, we took their recommendation and tried their ‘Pico’s Shrimp Ceviche’ (55 AED). This was chilled shrimps – fresh, tossed with cucumber, coriander, tomato, red onions and lime juice. I forgot how good mexican food was.

And for tacos – we had their beef barbacoa (53 AED) which had apparently been marinated for 48 hours. The overall combination – pickled cabbage, coriander and omg-it-was-so-very-spicy jalapeno made me tear up, but it was actually really good.

How about drinks?

This is the fun part.

They have a lot of cocktails which is great for those who love something different. One for the photos are their Micheladas, which is basically a giant cocktail and you tip a beer of your choice upside down into the glass. Do it carefully so that it doesn’t overflow though otherwise you’ll just waste a very good cocktail 😉 It is expensive – priced around 70-80 AED for one – however note that since beers are around 40 AED, and cocktails around 50-70AED, you might as well order one of these ? It’s got both! 🙂

Is there space for the kids to play?

That’s the beauty of beachfront eateries during winter in Dubai. It’s an entire playground for the little ones. They can run around everywhere and you can keep an eye on them. It’s also dog-friendly so bring your furry friends along.

What about churros?

Their churros (30 AED) was literally melt-in-your-mouth. You could smell the cinnamon as they put it on the table. We also ordered the Mango Rice pudding (30 AED) which didn’t quite work for me – an acquired taste I guess.

Any specials?

Come Sunday to Thursdays between 4-7pmDec2021 update for their Sundowners special – and you get a selection of food and drinks for half price discounted pricing. It’s a really good deal, and also the best time to come to Palm West Beach as you’ll get to watch the sun set and then stay for the twinkling marina lights when it’s dark.

Nacho’s are 25 AED, that same Barbacoa Tacos is 27 AED, Pico Chicken Quesadilla’s are 27 AED. So if you feel that their original price is a bit high for you, come for their Sundowners. You get a classic Margarita for 27 AED and you still get that perfect instagram shot over sunset.

I’ll be coming back – possibly with the kids this time 🙂

Disclaimer :

  1. We were guests of Senor Pico / Marriott Hotels to review their menu over lunch.
  2. This review was done February 2021. Please check Senor Pico’s website for current pricing and offers.

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