Breakfast @ Leen’s Casual to Gourmet, Bluewaters Dubai

Didn’t expect to return so soon to Bluewaters. It was one of those weekends where plans didn’t quite work out and we ended up back in our neighbourhood for breakfast. This time is was Leen’s, one of the three branches in Dubai – situated again by the Bluewaters Wharf which I’m starting to get quite familiar with.

Having been to their sister branch by the Surf Cafe a couple of weeks ago ( loved it as well, by the way!) , it was good to see that their breakfast menu was the same so I didn’t have to spend ages studying it (8 pages..). As the restaurant’s name explains it – Leen’s vision is to create a restaurant where you can have gourmet, good food, in a casual environment. And that’s exactly what they’ve done here.

Their menu have all dishes clearly marked for those with dietary restrictions – gluten, dairy, nuts- free. How are prices? Pancakes are 43 AED, French Toast 58 AED. For your big breakfasts – it’s circa 100 AED including the vegan option. A latte is 19 AED. Babycino’s are 5 AED and comes in a big green plastic cup. Take note though*(Refer Afternote) – the 5% VAT and Dubai Municipality Fee is not included – which I personally find a little annoying. Why not just include it like everywhere else in Dubai? Or is it the trend now to exclude it? Sorry I’m one of those people who don’t like surprises and I’m sure there was a disclaimer on the menu that mentioned it – I must have missed it.

Service was pretty good on a busy Saturday morning. They even had Peppa Pig and Elsa printouts for my girls – extra brownie points for that! Their outdoor terrace was full – all tables were either occupied or reserved so we were lucky to grab a spot at the corner. Not the best for photos and I didn’t want to look like an idiot holding a cup of coffee at the edge of the terrace for that insta-perfect-shot, so forgive me for the pictures that made it on this blog.

What did I have? Almond butter strawberry pancakes (65 AED)- this was a vegan banana gluten-free pancake, with almond butter on top. They must have ran out of fresh strawberries, as it came with jam*(Refer Afternote) instead. I honestly did not notice this until doing this blog right now. Or maybe the menu online is different to the one in store? My breakfast date had her Acai Bowl which my 4 year old decided that she would participate in finishing the last bits in it as well. Must have been good 😉

Similar to Un Dimanche along the same stretch, breakfast for one would be around 80-100aed including a cup of coffee. Organic, wholesome, healthy – that’s what they call it these days ay? And of course, priced accordingly. This healthy eating-out business is getting a bit painful for my pockets 🙂

Note that if you sit outside, you can still keep an eye on the little ones as they can scooter in the ‘middle part’ (ie not by the waterfront, as it’s too sunny in the morning).

So, what’s next – good ol’ Coffee Club, I suppose? 🙂 Have I missed anywhere else on Bluewaters waterfront? Ketch Up, London Project, why don’t you guys restart your breakfasts?

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Note : Non-sponsored. We paid for breakfast at Leen’s Casual to Gourmet.

*Afternote : Leen’s have come back to explain a few things, which I feel should be mentioned here :

  1. Leen’s use strawberry compote in the pancakes, not jam. Their strawberry compote is made in-house out of fresh strawberries everyday which gives a nicer and refined taste instead of fresh strawberries.
  2. Leen’s prices as shown in the menu includes 5% VAT. There is an extra 7% applied on the total bill, which accounts for the municipality fee that all restaurants in Bluewaters are applying.

As I have mentioned to them – responses like these are very much appreciated. I feel that a lot of outlets have a disconnect between their social media platforms and the actual restaurants themselves. It’s good to see that that isn’t the case here.

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