Date night @ Burj Al Arab by the pool : Bab Al Yam

With the doctor telling us that I’ve got ‘a few days to go’ before the little girl makes her debut, we decided to bring forward our date night at the Burj Al Arab. Anytime now, she says.

I found out about the deal a few weeks ago when I could not sleep, and decided to browse through instagram and it must had been Burj Al Arab themselves or The Entertainer having a sponsored post for Bab Al Yam being in the New Offers. Could not believe that they had a deal. Burj Al Arab? Really? 🙂

Now you must know that to go to any of the outlets in the Burj, you need to have a minimum spend of something that’s beyond liloneoftheashes’ justifiable budget. The last and only time we’ve been there was during the Jumeirah Restaurant Week where we tried out Junsui (and unfortunately, was not very impressed). 

What about Bab Al Yam?

Did it live up to our expectations? 

Honestly? It is a pretty romantic spot to go to. C’mon, who am I kidding, it’s Burj Al Arab. Just driving on that bridge with the purple lights towards the 7-star hotel is a bit of an experience by itself.  The indoor decor is simple, the food variety is not extensive but good, service is definitely as you would expect from such a highly rated property – just enough but not over-the-top, and with the price that we were paying for -395 AED for two for a buffet that did fill us up – we left happy 🙂

A little collection of photos so you’ll know what you’ll get –

On food – it’s not one of those ‘let’s put everything in so we keep everyone happy’ type of buffet. It’s simple. We had two small servings of their fresh pasta we absolutely loved – mushroom and cream pasta, and just simple cream pasta. The prawns, tapas-style was delicious – though a tad on the salty side. The fish however was just right 😉

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G was looking forward for some sushi, which you won’t find it here at Bab Al Yam. So don’t get your hopes too high for that!

I was impressed when the man behind the lamb rack asked if he should get it cooked a bit more well-done for me, ha ha. I thought I could get away with having a juicy medium lamb just before the little girl comes. Aw, can’t hide that humongous tummy now, can I, damn. Good on ya, Burj Al Arab 🙂

On service – As I had mentioned, no complaints. I like it when it’s just right. It’s a tough one in Dubai isn’t it. It’s either not enough or over the top, so I give Bab Al Yam’s staff a lot of credit for bring trained well 😉

On ambience – The indoor is not really all that glamourous at night, maybe better just before sunset. We did however take a few breaks in between food to walk around outside – which is really romantic 🙂



Short and sweet.

Just so you know, 395 AED for two does not include any water or drinks and a 750ml of sparkling St Pellegrino will set you off at 55 AED. Can’t complain too much, it’s still the cheapest way to get to Burj Al Arab, credits much to The Entertainer for having it in their Fine Dining New Offers! 🙂

Waves to Joseph. Looking forward to the new extension to Burj Al Arab when it’s done, apparently… end of this month?

Have you been to Bab Al Yam? Thoughts?



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