Kempinski Hotel Mall of the Emirates with Kids : A City Getaway

Having lived in Dubai for more than a decade – the thought of doing a staycation in a hotel attached to Mall of the Emirates would never, ever cross our minds. It’s literally 10 minutes from home and we go to MOE a lot. So why on earth would we even consider staying in the Kempinski Hotel Mall of the Emirates, with kids?

Here’s 5 reasons why you should consider Kempinski Hotel Mall of the Emirates for a staycation with the kids.

1. Cosy Chalets with a view of Ski Dubai

There are a number of room types in Kempinski Hotel MOE called the Aspen Chalets, situated on Level 02. These overlook Ski Dubai.

The interior is designed to mimic a cosy chalet, or in New Zealand we call them ‘baches‘. These are the little wooden huts that you typically book for a snow getaway : wooden, low ceilings, fireplace in the living room (don’t worry, it’s just a mock fire place) – giving an overall cosy feel.

Unlike the ones we used to stay in NZ, Kempinski’s are of course uber luxurious and the kids absolutely loved it. So did we! Just for one weekend we felt like we have actually travelled somewhere cold, and that we were staying in a snow chalet in the mountains. It’s a bit of a ‘Truman show’ feeling – a nice one though.

We cosied up on the sofa by the ‘fireplace’ and played games together (yes – they offer PS consoles!). Kids did some colouring in the ‘dining room’, and had sweets and hot chocolate.

Here’s our three little munchkins enjoying the view from the living room! They loved sitting there watching people play in the snow. Our own window in the warmt, to the ‘world’ outside.

Friendly reminder : The windows are not one-way glass – everyone in Ski Dubai can look right in. So let your cheeky toddlers know that they should not stand naked in front of the glass – haha!

Room Type

As for room types – we stayed in a Duplex Aspen Ski Chalet :

  • It has a bedroom and bathroom on the upper floor ;
  • A living room, dining room and additional toilet on the ground floor.
  • Sofa in the lounge extends into a sofa bed which could fit all 3 kids comfortably. Our older girls (ages 5 and 7) slept there.
  • You can ask for a crib to be added to the main bedroom.
  • Alternatively, the king size bed will comfortably sleep 2 adults and a baby or toddler.

For details on the Duplex Aspen Ski Chalet, have a look here on Kempinski Hotel Mall Of The Emirates’ website.

2. Access to Executive Lounge with food & drinks

As part of booking one of the Aspen Ski Chalets, you will get access to the Executive Lounge located on the 11th floor.

Similar to most hotel lounges – you get food and drinks for most of the day, with a few breaks in between.

This was pretty handy for us, especially when you are on a staycation with kids and don’t want to take them into a restaurant for every single meal. Our nanny was also allowed.

Note that kids are not allowed after 7pm as they will serve cocktails and drinks (yay!) at this time.

More details on the Kempinski Hotel MOE Executive Lounge here.

3. Restaurant options within Kempinski Hotel Mall Of The Emirates

Kempinski MOE has a number of restaurants that you should try when you are there.

We have been to them in previous years, but it was nice to return again – with the kids in tow.


Olea is Kempinski MOE’s all-day dining on Level 02. This is where you’ll go for breakfast in the morning with the family. They do a large breakfast spread – to include Indian, Chinese dim sums, Sushis and a very cheeky section of donuts and chocolate fountain that I couldn’t keep my kids away from.

Egg dishes are by order – which is great.

If you are heading there for dinner, definitely try their Kilo/Meater Kebab. It’s a 1.5m Kebab served to table – delicious, juicy meat with an array of sides. Details on the Kilomeater offer here.

Salero Tapas and Bodega

The much loved spanish bar Salero is also in Kempinski, and accessible of course from MOE. We have been here once upon a time for their Flamenco Night, almost 8 years ago now. It was nice to return with just the husband for a date by the bar.

Note that from August 2023 onwards, Salero will be having live entertainment five days a week :

  • Singer & Guitarist: 08:00 pm to 10:30 pm on Tuesday & Wednesday
  • Singer / Guitarist & Flamenco Dancer: 08:00 pm to 10:30 pm on Thursday, Friday & Saturday

For current offers at Salero Tapas, have a browse on Salero’s website here.


Aspen Lounge is Kempinski MOE’s lobby lounge.

It was International Mother’s Day when we were there so it really nice to have afternoon tea with the family in one of their booths. Having done it once before, we found that they have changed the spread and stand – for the better. The finger sandwiches all delicately prepared, the thinly sliced cucumber for that classic sandwich – little things that I appreciate. Their chocolate scone was scrumptious. PS –

Note :

  • You get 2 hot drinks with each afternoon tea stand.
  • There’s a pianist every afternoon (except Mondays) between 3-6pm so plan your afternoon tea trip then ๐Ÿ˜‰
  • Don’t be shy to ask them to pack it away if you cannot finish it all!

Details, on Aspen’s website here.

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4. Pool & Gym

Of course – there’s a pool and gym in Kempinski MOE.

The pool is situated on Level 02 as well – the same level as our chalets, which was pretty handy. There is an adult pool and a family pool. The family pool is in the sun for most of the day, whereas the adult pool gets shade from the large dome alongside. Would have been nice if it was the other way round to be honest! Maybe the team can look into allowing kids in the other pool, if it was quiet – especially for the summer months, or alternatively introduce umbrellas closer to the family pool for shade.

5. Access to Ski Dubai

If you booked the Aspen Ski Chalets – you get 2 complimentary tickets to Ski Dubai.

For extra tickets to Ski Dubai, you can get them here.

We spent the afternoon in Ski Dubai with the kids – and as it was our very first time there, everyone had a ball of a time.

Tip : Make sure everyone has thick socks on, and waterproof gloves! The convenient part of going to Ski Dubai during the staycation is we could quickly nip back to the hotel when we were done and have food in the Executive Lounge with the kids.

Overall Thoughts

The tagline for Kempinski Mall of the Emirates is very appropriately called ‘Where Snow and Sand meet‘.

If you were to do a staycation there – I would highly recommend one of the Aspen Chalets just for the full experience. Yes, it does come with a price tag, but it is a memorable one to do, and something completely different to the beach resorts we have all over Dubai. Take the kids, they will love it!

  • Kempinski Mall of the Emirates
  • For the best rates and exclusive benefits, make your direct booking here.

Disclaimer : We were guests of Kempinski MOE for the weekend.

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