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Have you been to Canary Club? Have you heard of them? We went once, many months ago for their brunch with the family and loved it. Our friends have done their ladies night as well (missed that one, unfortunately!) So when we were doing the business lunch round up we knew we had to reach out to the team to see what they had to offer. No kids this time though 😀

Here’s what to expect if you were heading over to Canary Club for business lunch.

Where is Canary Club?

Tucked away at the ‘beginning’ of JLT sits Canary Club – a standalone restaurant right by Banyan Tree Residences.

If you are looking over from the Dubai Marina, it’s right behind Taj JLT. Unlike the Taj – you don’t have to do an entire loop of the area to get there. It has its own street that you can easily get to, and guess what – they have complimentary valet as well if you are dining in the venue. Special mention to the guy on duty that day who was exceptionally cheerful 😉

How is Canary Club like?

The venue takes up two dining spaces – one of the 1st floor, and a rooftop bar above.

The main dining space on the 1st floor is fully enclosed – with lots of foliage, and an overall wooden and beige colour tone for its furniture. There’s lots of natural light coming in, making the overall space bright – yet cool. I would dare say its designed for a feminine crowd (feel free to correct me). PS – Most of its serving staff are (nice-looking) men as well, ha ha! You are also welcome to correct me for that one.

What’s in the business lunch menu?

Canary Club offers a business lunch menu every Monday to Friday between 12 to 4pm. It’s a long business lunch window which works well for those who prefer a late lunch – or hey, if you work half days on Fridays, you can spend the entire afternoon there and stay on for happy hour drinks after which starts at 5pm 😉

Their business lunch menu is a combination of south american and international cuisine. We had the canary guacamole – a generous serving served with root chipsplantain, sweet potato and regular potato. Highly recommend this one to start – and if you brought the little ones along (yes, they are welcomed in Canary Club) I’m sure they’ll love munching on these healthy chips.

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The asian in me wanted some rice so we also had the unagi roll : this was prepped beautifully with mango, avocado and cucumber (8 pieces). We also had their ‘tropicola seabass‘ ie ceviche, and having all 3 dishes was a nice combination of different textures and taste to start.

They do have a lot of other interesting options such as a pomelo and avocado salad, california salad, and miso eggplant skewers amongst others. Notice the variety of vegetarian options here?

What’s next?

For mains – I chose the steak and fries. Striploin, with home-cut fries served with cactus chimichurri. Pretty special, don’t you think?

My dining partner went with the grass fed sirloin bowl and I dare say hers looked much more interesting than mine. I mean c’mon, of course, what did I expect – when hers had quinoa, snow peas, kale, all that green and colours 😉

We were both so full by then but had to try their dessert. Definitely get the churro tarte tartin if you’re not sure which one to go for. This is served with vanilla ice cream atop a ‘tarte’ made out of churros. Delicious.

We shared their white chocolate cheesecake, and this was made out of cream cheese (light), with coconut spouge and chocolate flakes – served in a bowl.

Are kids allowed in Canary Club?

Yes, they are allowed.

The venue is very elegant – and I would probably say it’s probably more suitable for the grown ups crowd.

They do have a large outdoor playground on ground floor so if you did come with kids – you are more than welcome to go down and join them to play, or let the older ones head out by themselves.

Overall Thoughts

Canary Club’s business lunch menu is fairly interesting. If you want to do a lunch with different ingredients like green mango (miso salmon bowl), cactus chimichurri (steak & fries), and brazilian nut aioili (free range chicken bowl) – give Canary Club a try. It’s a lovely indoor space, and is a plus that they have a nice shaded playground outside should you decide to come with the little ones.

  • Business Lunch @ Canary Club Dubai
  • Monday to Friday | 12-4pm
  • Price : 99 AED for 2-courses | 120 AED for 3-courses excluding beverages
  • See Canary Club’s Business Lunch menu here.
  • Call Canary Club here.

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Here’s an overall capture of the business lunch at Canary Club. Feel free to ask queries or comments here.

Disclaimer : We were guests of Canary Club to review the business lunch offer.

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