Flamenco night @ Salero Tapas Bodega Dubai

From August 2023 onwards, Salero will be having live entertainment five days a week. See Salero’s website for more details.

Original review, published in May 2015

Spending an evening at Salero Tapas Bodega on their Flamenco Nights makes you wonder why have we not spent more time enjoying good live music in Dubai. You could argue and say, there isn’t a lot – but I know that’s not true. It’s all out there. You just need to know where to go. And I’m glad that my dear workmate organised an evening there last week 🙂

The show starts at 8:30pm or so, and make sure you book as when we were there, it was absolutely packed. The group is Flamenkos, with Amalia the beautiful dancer, Feras on guitar, Juan on percussions and Roseta on vocals. As R says ” Authentic flamenco, and not the usual gypsy kings stuff that people think is flamenco “, haha.


You’re somewhat in a trance watching her move, the music is captivating, the singer is so passionate, as with all of them. It’s like watching a drama unfold in front of you, while you feast on spanish tapas and sip on sangria. No idea what the story is about but it’s beautiful.

On deals, I’ve tried my luck to email Saleros but I don’t think they check their emails much or at all, so suggest you give them a call if you want to book 😉 Not in the Entertainer, but hey, it’s worth a night out there, definitely!


PS – I only had drinks when I went there last, as I had already had dinner so I’m not too sure how the food is but according to the rest of the crew, it’s fab. Might give it a try next time 😉

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Disclaimer : This review was published in 2015. Please check Salero Tapas’ website for current offers.

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