#44 The Royal Peacocks

I’m thinking of creating a new category on my blog. The random animals in Dubai? Hehe. There’s the Royal Rabbits. Now I have the Royal Peacocks. Next would be the Dogs of the Marina? Ideas??

So on Saturday, after a really nice brunch at Pantry Cafe for their new opening in Bay Square – photos here, we were on our way back to drop our friend off. Detoured through Zabeel and there on the side of the road, we saw peacocks. 

Now I’ve heard a lot about these peacocks. There are the Emirates Towers ones, and then there are these, who apparently belong to Sheikhs themselves as they’re outside the Zabeel Palace…

We stopped the car and I walked over, and he opened up his feathers. Ah, look at him. So beautiful 😉 I think he likes me?

Hello there, you pretty thing

We drove around a little and there are peacocks absolutely everywhere. I love it when we see ‘wild’ animals around in Dubai. Well I know they’re not wild, but still – they’re free to roam around ay. It just feels so rare.


Beautiful peacocks, isn’t it

In New Zealand you get the odd hedgehog, possums, and rabbits running across the street and possibly through your garden. Sometimes er, blended onto the road.


Hanging out

Here in Dubai, if you’re lucky, you’ll see a stray cat, or someone’s cat who got a bit extra adventurious and decided to wander beyond the front doors. I’m so gutted they banned dogs in the Marina Promenade (why, oh why, Emaar?). I hear there is a dog park in Emirates Hills though? Ahh, gotta make my way there soon ay 🙂

Ps – I know it’s illegal to take photos of people without their permission. These creatures do not fall into the category of ‘people’, however if there is some law about posting photos of other people’s pets on social media, please tell me. The rules here change all the time. I don’t want to get in trouble 😉


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6 thoughts on “#44 The Royal Peacocks

  1. there are some peacocks in jebel ali beach resort also and there is even a sign “watch out for peacocks!” we sometimes wait them to cross the road lol 🙂

    1. are there! I didn’t know that!!! We’ve never actually been to Jebel Ali Beach Resort haha, now’s a reason to check it out 😀

    1. actually it was just at the side of the street haha it’s not even a park! it’s outside the palace though… eh if u come we take u guys go see !!!!

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