An afternoon at Ailuromania Cat Cafe

Few weeks ago, our dear friends M and C went to this newly opened Cat Cafe in Jumeirah. I was too tired to join, so they sent me videos of them playing with one of the cats. It was sooooo cute, the lil kitty was chasing after the shadow of … one of those… cat toy.. things (I obviously have a lot of experience with cats).

So I told G, we gotta go check out this Cat Cafe place!

Finally, I ended up planning a get-together with some friends there for cake, and it was a fun lil afternoon with the furry felines all over the place. It opens at 2pm so we managed to get a good couch – it got filled up very quick so I suggest you call to book?

Minimum spend

There’s a minimum spend of 50AED to be in the cat room. You’ll easily spend it as the cakes are around 30-40AED. How was it? Hmm, I only had the velvet cake and it was honestly, not so great. The cream was hard, the cake part was dry. I asked the staff where they get their cakes from when I was paying and he looked at me and shrugged, ” I don’t know. ” But oi, you’re not there for the food!! You’re there for the cats… keep that in mind 😉

Red velvet cake

And… these creatures are everywhere 😀

They climb onto the sofa……

Hello there kitty

onto the table while you’re trying to eat……

Looking for sugar?

nibble on your plastic bag that’s on the floor….

Bite bite bite

and hang around on the shelves above you…

Just chillin’

There were a lot of kids when we were there, and they were absolutely entertained. Kinda felt like a kid’s play pen, while you catch up with friends over afternoon tea, they’re running around with the cats 🙂

So, only if you absolutely love cats, I recommend you check it out. It’s next to Jumeirah Beach Hotel.

Unfortunately you’re not allowed to bring your cat there, haha, it will be so cool if they did though?

And here you go, more photos of the feline friendlies –

Click here to a video did recently as well.

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