Candypant’s Brunch Refined @ Akira Back : A Party Brunch Fit for Celebrations

If you have been here long enough, you would have heard of Candypant’s brunches from friends or social media. They’re famous for doing a good, fun brunch – one fit for celebrations. Every Saturday – Candypant’s does one at Akira Back called Brunch Refined. We went over to Akira Back early May with friends to review the brunch – our party ‘outfits’, on 😉

Here’s what to expect if you were planning to head over to Akira back for Brunch Refined.

Where is Akira Back?

Akira Back is located on the 5th floor of W Dubai the Palm.

As you enter the hotel, you’ll find the brunch check-in counter on the left hand side. There was a queue when we got there around 1pm. You pay first, and they’ll give your wristband before you head up the elevator which takes you straight to the entrance of Akira Back.

What’s the venue like?

There’s a reason why there are three different pricing (see here) for Brunch Refined at Akira Back.

You start off with a pricing for the lounge area, moving onto the restaurant, and then the terrace. I would say it’s mainly due to the view that you get, as the lounge is in the darker corners, restaurant is within the ‘lit’ area of the restaurant with as you would expect – stunning views of the resort pools and grounds, plus the marina and JBR skyline (see above).

For the winter months the outdoor terrace is perfect for alfresco dining – and that’s where you pay the most for that bit of extra sunshine and wind in your hair.

Is there a dress code for Brunch Refined?


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You’ll get this once you confirm your reservation with the team.

Please note this is a 21+ event. The dress code is “Back to Smart” please no fancy dress, sportswear, flip flops, man bags or sports trainers. You will be refused entry if you do not dress appropriately. Tailored shorts are acceptable

So – no coming in a chicken outfit, or themed fancy dress here, alright? 🙂 Tell your husband to leave that awesome man bag at home as well.

What was the food like?

Under internationally renowned Chef Akira Back, the venue serves japanese cuisine with korean and international influences.

We were quite impressed with the brunch menu as there were a lot of variety – including options for vegetarians.

Our highlights would definitely be the tuna pizza with white truffle oil, and salmon tataki for starters. The miso black cod bao was delicious, as was the korean fried chicken.

Everything is served to table – so sit back and catch up with your friends. Get up only for dancing and photos – and don’t worry, there will be plenty of that!

For drinks – there’s Corona and Asahi for beers ; the latter was unavailable on the day.

Cocktails are premixed and served to table in jugs. As much as I would love a properly prepped cocktail, I can understand why they had to do this to accommodate the number of people present. It was literally full house when we were there, and when chatting the team – this is the case every, single week.

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See Candypants Brunch Refined’s Food & Drinks menu here.

What’s the crowd and vibe like?

The crowd when we were there were generally young-ish, say mid 20s to mid 30s. To highlight that it was mainly women – say 70/30 ratio. Speaking to a friend who went a week later, this was the same situation, haha! Of course this will change from week to week.

Then there’s us, the Nokia 3310 generation, aka ‘parents who are trying to have a life outside of kids.’ There were also the older crowd. Everyone was properly dressed up in their best cocktail dress (and yes – the men looked like they made an effort too), and out to have a good time.

Don’t forget about the 360 party video cam out at the terrace which you gotta do. Stunning location to do it as well.

At the second half of the brunch when everyone’s had evidently a few too many, the team will come out with japanese parasols aka wagasa for you to spin, the drummers come out, and most of us was dancing away. PS – We started the train as well, ha ha! See Instagram reel at bottom of review to get an idea.

Is there a kid’s club, as we don’t have a nanny or babysitter?

Yes – they do.

If you’re not a Privilee member, you can pay to drop your kids (age 4 and above) in W’s Kid’s Club. Currently they charge 100AED per child per day, though please check with the resort directly for current rates. Have a look at our piece on W Dubai with kids, should you decide to return another day with the family.

Overall Thoughts

If you’re looking for fun party brunch, serving japanese cuisine with korean and international influences – Candypant’s Brunch Refined is it for you.

The venue itself and views are impressive – fit for wow-ing guests from overseas. Even if you haven’t done the brunch itself, pop over to Sobe for drinks at 4pm – the crowd and overall vibe is worth that 100AED for 3 drinks. Let’s not forget the sunset views from the terrace itself. Definitely one to recommend for that big birthday – 30th, 40th, 50th, or hey, any celebration, really.

Not recommended if you’re looking for a quiet, chilled out brunch. C’mon, this is a Candypant’s brunch 😉

Have a look at our Adults Only Brunches in Dubai tag for this, and other options

  • Candypant’s Brunch Refined @ Akira Back
  • Details on Candypants’ website
  • W Dubai Palm Jumeirah
  • Every Saturday 1-4:30pm

Disclaimer : We were guests of Candypants to review Brunch Refined at Akira Back

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