Business Lunch @ Mama Zonia, Pier 7 Dubai

Have you been to Mama Zonia, in Pier 7? Having been there for a ladies nights awhile back, we returned to Mama Zonia on a Friday afternoon early May, to review their business lunch offer.

Here’s one to do, particularly if you work in Marina Plaza and surroundings, and looking for a nice business lunch to do with workmates or friends.

Where is Mama Zonia?

Mama Zonia is located on Level 02 of Pier 7 in Dubai Marina.

If you are driving, park in Dubai Marina Mall – you get complimentary 3 hours parking.

Note that there is no complimentary valet at Mama Zonia before 6pm and it will cost you 100AED. So don’t be a dum dum like me, please just park in the marina mall ๐Ÿ˜‰

How’s the place like?

In line with the name of the venue, Mama Zonia’s interior is designed to the themes of an Amazonian Jungle. There’s foliage (don’t worry, it’s not real) from the ceilings, around the bars, and everywhere.

Walk in and you’re greeted with a gigantic gorilla. Just picturing all the silly photos brunch goers would have with the poor fella after a few too many.

Mama Zonia is a little green jungle, amidst the concrete jungle that is the Dubai Marina.

Pick a spot in their outdoor terrace if the weather is fine. As with all venues on Pier 7, you overlook the marina and all the skyscrapers beyond.

What’s in the Business Lunch offer?

Mama Zonia offers a business lunch set menu on weekdays between 12-3pm. It’s definitely a plus that they offer it on a Friday as well.

There’s 4 options to starters, as well as mains, so if you are one of those that like to share – I would recommend you come in a group of four.

You start off with miso soup – and the very boring, bland chinese in me would critique that it was too salty for my liking. Don’t listen to me – we don’t even use salt in our cooking at home. I could easily asked them to add more hot water but I was too excited to move on to the next dishes.

For starters, you get sake roll (6 no.) with salmon, avocado, wakame and cucumber. There’s avocado salad, beef tataki (4 pieces) and sweet corn cheese empanadas (2 piece). We absolutely loved the chimichurri sauce and the empanadas – wished there was more on the dish! It was a nice selection as an overall, more so because we were sharing it altogether so could try a little bit of everything.

For mains – again, we shared the 4 dishes. My favourite would be the black pepper beef with mixed bell peppers. There was also chicken furai (or you may know, as karaage chicken, or fried chicken) served with a generous portion of fat, hand cut french fries. Interesting combination, having western sides with asian mains. I’m not complaining though.

I’m glad they did have plain white rice to go with the delicious jungle curry. This was red coconut milk gravy with mixed vegetables (yes, a vegetarian dish).

For fish lovers – you have grilled seabream, served with chorrillana sauce – which Google tells me originates from Lima in Peru. There we go – Mama Zonia serves a combination of Asian, and Peruvian dishes. This was, served with yet another generous bowl of white rice. I’m happy.

What about desserts?

I remember having their BBQ Banana at their Ladies Night, one evening many months ago. Such an asian dessert, which upon research I understand is also served in the South American countries such as Brazil as well. This comes with coconut sorbet – a perfect combination of lightness, with the sweetness of the deep-fried caramelised banana.

There’s sorbets, if you prefer something simple – again tropical flavours such as coconut and mango. If you want to go for something classic and was an absolutely winner amongst all of us at the table – get Mama Zonia’s very own caramel cheesecake. Soft, creamy, and just the right amount of sweetness for a quick lunch.

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Overall Thoughts

For 110 AED for 4 courses – Mama Zonia’s business lunch offer is a fairly good one to do, particularly if you enjoy Asian + Peruvian cuisine.

The venue is of course, undeniably stunning. Do it over business, or a quick lunch with friends before school pick up. Just remember to park in Dubai Marina Mall – otherwise a valet attempt would add another 100AED to your ‘lunch’ budget ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Business Lunch @ Mama Zonia Dubai
  • Monday to Friday | 12-3pm
  • Price : 110 AED for 4-courses
  • See Mama Zoniaโ€™s Business Lunch menu here.
  • Call Mama Zonia here.

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Any queries or comments, ask here :

Disclaimer : We were guests of Mama Zonia to review their business lunch offer.

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