Neon Galaxy @ Riverland Dubai : What to Expect

There’s a new indoor adventure park for kids in Riverland Dubai, and it’s called Neon Galaxy. As the name suggests, it’s a large multi-level indoor soft play built to the theme of astronauts, rocketships and space. It’s dark, with neon lights all throughout – plus there’s music playing. I call it an indoor play area that feels like a club, ha ha.

If you are planning to go to Neon Galaxy with kids, have a read through this piece as it might come into handy.

Where is Neon Galaxy?

Neon Galaxy is situated in Riverland in Dubai Parks and Resorts. As you walk in from the main entrance and head in the direction of the ‘Riverland’ sign, turn right. You’ll see the entrance to Neon in the building right there.

Feel free to bring the scooters if you want, you can park it together with all the prams outside Neon.

What are the age and height restrictions?

There are two areas in Neon Galaxy :

Little Astronauts

  • Heights : 98cm and below (Approx ages 3 and below)
  • Soft play with slides, ball pit, an interactive screen and other soft ‘rides’
  • Parents or Guardians have to be present to supervise

Astro Arena

  • Heights : 99cm to 160cm
  • This is a really large area with multiple slides – to include a 4-lane neon lit-up slide, a super steep orange slide, donut rides, and numerous other ones
  • Obstacle/Ninja courses
  • That soft ball shooting area a lot of other soft plays have
  • Parents or Guardians are recommended to supervise, however they can also leave the kids there to play. This was as advise by the team. Please double check with Neon.

This video gives a good idea of what Neon looks like :

Do parents have to pay?

No, they do not.

They are also technically not allowed to ‘play’, ie I was stopped when I wanted to go down the slides with the kids. I don’t know if they will allow parents who are shorter than 160cm ha ha – try it and let me know.

For tickets to Dubai Parks & Resorts , have a look through here.

Overall Thoughts

We spent about 3 hours in Astro Arena with the kids.

Stink that the little ones 98cm and under are not allowed in Astro Arena and vice versa – which means families with kids of ages on either side of the height restriction will have to split. Hopefully they’ll allow the little ones into Astro Arena with their siblings, with parent supervision of course. That way they can spend time altogether!

Still recommend you check it out as we really enjoy it. Beats spending time in those bright indoor play areas, anytime. The music, helps 😉

  • Neon Galaxy in Riverland Dubai
  • More details on website, here

Disclaimer : We were guests of Dubai Parks and Resorts to review Neon Galaxy with the family.

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